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Crafting Perfect Family Holidays

"We are a company that goes to extreme lengths to give families exactly what they want from their holiday."

Peace of Mind

Our multi-award winning approach gives parents with young children and babies peace of mind and a stress free family holiday experience – from start to finish.

After my two year old son fell into an unenclosed swimming pool whilst on a family holiday in 2004 I became frustrated by the absence of safe, family friendly holiday villas.

So in April 2006 I set up Tots To Travel, a specialist family friendly villa and cottage company that started by asking the question...

"what really frustrates and worries mums and dads when they are planning, booking and going on holiday?"

...and then seeking to find solutions.

It turns out that the list of worries and frustrations is quite long!

The result?

I hope that you'll find that we are a company that goes to extreme lengths to safeguard your family holiday.

Family Focused

Our approach starts with you and your family and folds in, where, from our experience holidays go wrong.

Our aim is to safeguard your precious family holiday by handpicking the very best family friendly villas & cottages around Europe.

All our villas & cottages are visited by one of the team to check they exist (beware of scams), that they are clean, that they are as beautiful as they look in the photos and that there is nothing nearby that would ruin your holiday.

We've found smelly, fly ridden goat farms and fast roads nearby, shoddy maintenance and terrible levels of cleanliness on our travels. You'll be pleased to know that these properties have not made it onto the Tots To Travel site.

You will however find properties like these on the internet but you'd never know what's been left out of the photos.

Even with our trained eye we still turn up to visit properties that would make you weep.

Next we comprehensively inspect every villa and cottage to ensure your child's safety (think pools, low windows, gaps in balcony railings etc) & have a guaranteed (& extensive) Child & Baby Kit enabling you to travel light.

We do all this because no other holiday company goes to such extreme lengths to safeguard your precious family holiday and to bring you peace of mind.

Here to Help

Our award winning approach protects & supports you from beginning to end with bespoke advice and - just in case you need it - 24 hour, English speaking Helpline.

So, do make use of our expertise, we're here to help.

The team are on hand to help craft your perfect family holiday.

They can answer specific questions about individual villas and cottages, compile a bespoke shortlist of properties that will suit your family's requirements or offer advice about car hire, what to pack and more. In most cases, you can actually speak to someone who has been to the property you are considering.

You can contact us by calling, emailing, Facebook-ing, tweeting or live-chatting!

Call: 0800 014 2770


Facebook: Totstotravel

Twitter: @Totstotravel

Stress Free, Time Saving

That means a stress free, time saving holiday search service for busy parents, a smooth booking process and, once on holiday, beautiful, safe environments where families can enjoy relaxed, quality time together.

And if it goes wrong, we have our 24 Hour, English Speaking Helpline with lovely, warm people on hand to help.

No other family friendly holiday company is more committed than we are.

That's my promise.

Stepping Up…the next phase

After 8 years we're stepping up to the next level.

I'm delighted to say we're leaving the fuddy duddy image of the self-catering industry behind (and its bring your own sheets and mop your way out backwards mind-set) and setting out to create a whole new category of villas and cottages where you and your children are the starting point.

In order to achieve this we've removed nearly 35% of our properties, making room for only the very best in child and baby friendly holiday villas and cottages.

And a team of 4 experts carefully select which villas and cottages make the grade. Much like the X-factor, we turn away many more than we accept.

I hope you like what you see.

Please do find us on Facebook or Twitter, tell us what you think, ask us questions and set us the challenge of finding you somewhere fabulous for your holiday. We like a good challenge!

Warm regards