10 Alternative Holiday Travel Game Picks



Long car or plane journey ahead? We’ve selected some of our favourite travel game picks for the journey, so you don’t have to resort to another round of I-Spy…


The 5/7 FizzBuzz Travel Game

Perfect for over excited little ones, this fast paced travel game will burn off some energy! It’s also a great way to build on your child’s numeracy skills (view our blog on practical learning and development for young kids here)

  1. Starting from 1, each player takes turns counting up in a sequence, for example Player A will say ‘1’, Player B will say ‘2’…
  2. When any number that has the number ‘5’ in it arises, the player has to replace the number by calling ‘fizz!’
  3. When any number that has the number ‘7’ in it arises, the player has to replace the number by calling ‘buzz!’
  4. The game should be fast paced and if a player takes too long, misses a fizz/buzz or fizzes/buzzes in a wrong place, the game is over and you must start from 1 again- see if you can reach 100!

Travel Game- Collection of numbers


Cheese Please Travel Game

Ideal for larger families or groups travelling together, this silly travel game is sure to get some giggles!

  1. Choose one person to be the guesser. This person must cover their eyes.
  2. Everybody else takes turns to say the phrase ‘Cheese please’ but they must try and disguise their voice by putting on a silly accent
  3. The guesser must try and work out who has said the phrase. If they get it right, the person who said ‘Cheese please’ becomes the guesser. If they get it wrong, they must continue being the guesser until they guess correctly

 Travel game-block of cheese


If I were in charge of the world

Get some interesting (and quite possibly alarming) insights into the minds of your little ones by playing this simple travel game.

  1. Everyone takes a turn to say what they would do if they were in charge of the world
  2. Points are awarded for the most creative or funny answers

Travel game- girl in a tiara


Make a pom pom stuff-it-in

This simple and slightly crafty travel game is actually an amazing way of keeping kids occupied and focused for a while. It also helps to develop their fine motor skills!

  1. Go to a craft shop and get hold of a pack of pom poms, a small plastic tub and some scissors
  2. Cut a small hole in the top of the tub (or you could heat up a metal skewer and melt a little hole in the top, this is a bit easier) that is sized just slightly smaller than the pom poms, so you can push them into the tub with a bit of effort
  3. Put the pom poms in a small bag and bring these and the tub with you in the car/on the plane
  4. Ask your child to try and put all the pom poms back in the tub! You’ll be surprised at how absorbed they become in completing this task
  5. Don’t worry if some are dropped or lost, as they’re only cheap. You can buy some pom poms here.

Travel game- pom poms

Photo credit: buytra via Amazon.co.uk

Animal Antics

Teach your children more about the natural world through this fun sound-based travel game!

  1. Each person takes a turn making an animal sound (if you’re playing with a very young child it can be a good idea to make the sounds yourself until they get the hang of it)
  2. The other player has to try and guess what animal it is

Travel game- boy and dog



This fun family travel game is a good way of teaching your children about the groups that objects belong to… plus it can be a real laugh!

  1. An initial category topic is chosen; for example TV shows, types of cereal, vegetables, animals, plants
  2. Each player takes a turn naming something within this category
  3. This continues until somebody hesitates or can’t think of an answer- this player is then ‘out’ (you may want to offer a few free ‘passes’ for little ones, to avoid tantrums!)
  4. The winner is the last player not to be ‘out’!

Travel game- hierarchy table


In my suitcase

This entertaining travel game is the perfect way to get everyone in the mood for a holiday.

  1. Each person starts by saying something that’s ‘in their suitcase’- this could be anything at all, and the more different your answers are to other players, the better
  2. Then the first person to say what’s in their suitcase will say what they’re going to do with it- for example they may say ‘In my suitcase is some chocolate. I’m going to eat my chocolate.’
  3. Then every other player must say that they are going to do the SAME THING with the object in their suitcase for example: ‘In my suitcase is a towel. I’m going to eat my towel!’
  4. The more times you play, the funnier and more creative the game can become!

Travel game- line of suitcases


Emotional Acting

Release your inner actor/actress and take centre stage in this fun travel game…

  1. Before you go, make a list of different emotions. For younger children you may want to stick to simpler emotions such as ‘happy’, ‘sad’ or ‘angry’ but for older children you can use all sorts of emotions such as ‘bafflement’, ‘cunning’ or ‘jealousy’
  2. Write each of these emotions on a little bit of paper, and mix them up in a bag or hat
  3. Let each player pick one out and act out the emotion on the piece of paper
  4. Other players must try and guess what emotion is being acted out
  5. The person whose performances get the most correct number of guesses is the best ‘actor’ and the winner!

Travel game-Yellow emotion bubble looking hurt

No Smiling!

This simple travel game is perfect for little ones starting to get a bit bored/tired in waiting areas or at the gate.

  1. Take it in turns to pull silly faces at each other- puff out your cheeks, raise your eyebrows, stick out your tongue- anything you like!
  2. The key rule is that nobody else is allowed to laugh, smile or make a noise
  3. The aim is to make other players break this rule, so whoever does any of these is out and the person pulling the funniest face is the winner!

 Travel game-little girl pulling funny face


I wonder where that person is going?

Encourage your little one to be imaginative with this simple holiday travel game!

  1. Point to another interesting looking car on the road, or another person on the plane (ideally not within earshot!)
  2. Ask your little one where they think that person is going- you could start with some suggestions to help give your child some ideas
  3. You might suggest that it’s a family going camping, or an elephant keeper travelling back to the zoo, or a prince in disguise going back to his palace. The more creative the better!
  4. You could also use the game to educate your children about the destination they are visiting; for example if you’re travelling to Greece, you might say the person is going to rescue to some turtles or an athlete visiting the place where the olympics began, or if you’re travelling to Spain, you might say it’s a flamenco dancer who’s going to a competition or a tapas chef going to cook some exciting tasty meals. Be as imaginative as you dare!

Travel game- plane passengers


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