Can you spot these 10 different types of holiday child?

Ahh, family holidays – they bring out the best and worst in us as parents, but they can also reveal a never-before-seen side to our little ones too! For some holiday fun, can you spot these 10 types of holiday child during your getaway? Which category does your tot fit into? Let us know!


Holiday Child #1 – The Little Angel

The elusive ‘Little Angel’ is every parent’s dream.

Serenely bobbing along in her inflatable boat, colouring quietly on the sunbeds or skipping merrily about in her Boden dress, she’s the adorable, polite and well behaved example of the model holiday child, that’ll leave you questioning what she’s really like at home and what her parents are threatening her with.


Holiday Child #2 – The Ginger Nut

Cheeky grin? Luminescent skin turned even whiter by multiple layers of thick suncream? A mop of orange hair and sea of cute freckles? You’ve found ‘The Ginger Nut’.

Looking suspiciously as if they might spontaneously combust at any given minute, but simply thrilled to be at the beach, this fun loving little one will not let their fair colouring get in the way of them having an absolute ball on holiday. Just don’t forget the Factor 50+.

Holiday child - red head little girl


Holiday Child #3 – The Destroyer

You’ve finally done it. You’ve made the perfect sandcastle. It’s upright, it’s glorious, your kids are amazed, your wife is frankly just pleased to have a few moments to read her book, victory is finally yours… enter ‘The Destroyer’.

Hurtling down the beach at warp speed and with a frantic parent waving somewhere close behind, nobody can seem to move quick enough to prevent ‘The Destroyer’ from demolishing other children’s sandcastles and simply getting sand everywhere.

Leaving a trail of wailing kids and ruined sandwiches in his wake, build a sandcastle in his midst if you dare…

Holiday Child #4 – The Giggler

Everybody loves to laugh, and the hugely infectious chuckles of the little ‘Giggler’ simply can’t be ignored.

Loving their fun family holiday, this tiny ball of joy just can’t stop smiling, bringing happiness and laughs to everyone by the poolside and becoming a firm favourite of every passing waiter. Awhh.


Holiday Child #5 – The Splasher

‘CANNONBALLLLL!!’ bellows ‘The Splasher’ as they throw themselves bodily into the pool, despite the multiple pool signs and threats from their harassed parents, warning them not to.

Whether in the pool or in the sea, ‘The Splasher’ is at last in their element and is gleefully making the most of the opportunity. Soaking everyone that they pass as they run back to mum, having enormous fun through torturing their siblings with ‘tidal waves’ in the pool and cheekily kicking water at anyone who approaches, this kid will totally aggravate you, and in a funny way, charm you – with nostalgia, you’ll remember those happy days of tormenting your own parents in the pool.

Holiday Child #6 – The Scientist

‘Have you ever seen a seagull BE SICK?’ chirps the deceivingly innocent-looking tot that’s hovering impatiently behind you.

‘The Scientist’ simply can’t help themselves – with a million questions that need answering NOW and a somewhat dangerous interest in in-depth explorations of the beach, this inquisitive little one will need careful monitoring at all times, lest their unfortunate obsession with the gross and decaying lead them into trouble.

As you close your eyes and breathe heavily through your nose whilst you pick bits of dead crab out of the juice flask, just remember that one day, they could be winning a Nobel Prize.

One day.

Holiday Child #7 – The Vampire

The sun is too hot, the pool is too cold, the hotel room is too boring – having woken up in a grump, ‘The Vampire’ is determined that today, nobody is enjoying the holiday.

Stubbornly sitting under a towel on the sunbed and immersed in an iPad game, your patience will be certainly be tested, given the glorious setting you’ve forked out for the family to enjoy – but the best way to deal with a little ‘Vampire’ is often just to let them cool off. In the meantime, you can enjoy reading a guilt-free few chapters of your book, at last.

Maybe ‘The Vampire’ isn’t quite so bad after all…

Holiday Child #8 – The Yeller

‘The Yeller’ certainly isn’t shy when it comes to engaging with fellow holidaymakers. To the peaceful poolside they will take pleasure in announcing what they had for breakfast, when they want a wee and that mummy has really hairy legs – much to the delight of their parents and everyone nearby.

There will be moments when you want to throttle them, but you can’t deny that the youthful innocent candour of ‘The Yeller’ is something to be admired, whilst it lasts.


Holiday Child #9 – The Boogie Baby

When the tunes start to play, ‘Boogie Baby’ just can’t control their dancing feet. Adorably bopping away to the beat and happy to take charge of an empty dance floor, this delightful dancer will enthrall and amuse onlookers with their swish little moves. Cute.


Holiday Child #10 – The Socialite 

You might seriously begin to question whether ‘The Socialite’ has better social skills than you. Instantly collecting a band of followers on the very first day, this little social whizz knows how to make and keep holiday friends, sorting out disputes and planning activities with more efficiency than most adults.

What might really astound you is how your little one came to be so fond of socialising, given that Mummy and Daddy often despise most other human beings…

Whichever child your little one is, remember that holidays with tots are all about safe family fun, where all types of little one are special and treasured!

What type of holiday child do you have? Let us know?


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