10 Holiday Experiences Every Child Should Have

According to child development experts, kids having adventures with their parents is a crucial part of growing up and helps to mould them into happy, well-rounded people.

As parents, we all have special hopes and dreams for our children and place great importance on providing them with experiences that teach them a little something about life.
Family holidays are fundamentally important times for parents and their children to come together, regroup as a unit and spend quality time enjoying each others company.  Away from all the usual daily chores and distractions, it’s also the most likely time for us to participate or find some of the adventures and experiences we dream about.

We were fascinated to know what adventures you hold dear to your heart and reached out to our Instagram community to find out…
1. The sheer bliss of hours and hours of uninterrupted time in the swimming pool…this is when you see most kids at their happiest while unknowingly learning, experimenting and having fun.
2. That parents, away from the stresses and strains of day to day and with a bit of sun on their skin and bit more sleep than normal are fun loving, playful creatures…it just takes us time to remember how.
3. The experience of new tastes and flavours, eaten in new places and cooked by people with a passion for what grows nearby.  I’ll never forget taking my children to eat in the Souk in Oman…bright, neon lights, new smells and new flavours…made a welcome change to spag bol!
4. When my boys are older, I hope they will look back and remember the warm evenings on holiday when we let them stay up late – eating, chatting or perhaps taking a stroll to further explore our holiday surroundings as the sun goes down – the four of us, having quality time as a family without the distractions of home.
5. As much as we all enjoy a five star all inclusive holiday I think every child should also experience the simple pleasures of camping out underneath the stars.  In my eyes, the experiential learning of camping is unbeatable.
6. With two little girls our days are spent combing sandy beaches for glistening treasure, crab legs, shells and heart shaped stones are prize finds. On holiday we love taking the girls sailing; character building, exhilarating and completely different to their normal day to day – however it’s the little things like feeling the sand between their toes whilst hunting for treasure that they fondly talk about months after we return
7. I hope to inspire my children to appreciate our environment, to explore new places and learn about other cultures, and to understand the importance of giving. Experiences I’d love my children to have include sailing across the sea, scuba diving off a coral reef, camping in the desert, going on an African safari and visiting an elephant sanctuary. As a multicultural family, with Italian, American and Filipino roots, it’s very important to us that our children learn about their heritage and explore our home countries. I also want my children to experience helping others through volunteering, donating and getting involved with the community.
8. Travel is SUCH an important thing to us, as a family.  We really believe that immersing our kids in as many different cultures as possible is so important for their understanding of the world around them.  When we go on holiday we love to try out local food and visit as much of an area as possible.  I grew up abroad and would live my children to have similar experiences to what I had
9. The joy of not being bound by a routine that’s over familiar and stressful. Waking up naturally without having to be somewhere by a certain time. Exploring the beach and walking bare foot on the sand, holding hands and just being present. Finding shells together and enabling them to use their imagine to make up stories of treasure and adventure. T0 hear the sound of the sea and be around nature and all its greatness. But overall, the importance of your children seeing you relaxed and happy.
10. We dream of taking Isla to Disney World, Florida! She absolutely loves Disney, and all the characters, so getting the chance to give her that experience would just be amazing. I know the company is so helpful when it comes to children with learning difficulties too, which makes us want to go even more, because we wouldn’t ever feel on edge about Isla feeling overwhelmed or unhappy. It’s such a wonderful place that would make her so incredibly happy, so hopefully one day we will be able to do that for her.
Wendy Shand
Wendy Shand

Wendy Shand is the founding director of Tots To Travel, mum of three, award winning mumpreneur, traveler, business enthusiast and author of ‘The Mother of Invention’.

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