10 Reasons to Choose a TOTS Exclusive Family Holiday

If you follow Tots to Travel, you’ll notice that we often mention our Mumsnet Rated Tots Exclusive Experience package fairly often. But you may be wondering to yourself – what exactly does that mean?

How does the Tots Exclusive Experience differ to other family holidays? And why should you choose a Tots Exclusive Experience for your baby /toddler friendly getaway?

Well you’re about to find out…

Tots Exclusive Experience offers family accommodation like no other...

1. Specially selected family villas, cottages and apartments

Lots of holiday properties market themselves as ‘family friendly’ but in fact this often means there’s simply an extra roll-out bed or a highchair– which we quite simply don’t feel is enough!

When you choose any holiday with TOTS, you can rest assured that your accommodation has been hand-picked, inspected and improved by a TOTS family holiday expert, and that it will have undergone a rigorous child safety inspection to ensure it’s the perfect place for happy family holiday memories to be made.

When you choose a Tots Exclusive Experience holiday, you will really begin to understand what a family home from home could be like, as we take this incredible TOTS family friendliness up another notch. Custom designed Tots villas will offer all the family features you could want, ranging from full cooking facilities, flexible living space, loads of play equipment and more. We’ve really gone to town on all the little details that will take your family holiday from good to exceptional!

2. Bespoke children’s bedrooms

No matter where you are in the world with your child, some things never change – the potential chaos of bedtime is certainly one of those things!

However in our Tots Exclusive accommodation, we’ve carefully designed each of our children’s bedrooms to make them as cool and colourful as possible, packed with fun little extras that will make bedtime less of a chore and more like something to look forward to. We believe little ones deserve to feel special at all times, and the tiny touches we introduce to our children’s bedrooms like blackout blinds, bed guards, night lights and more will all help to send your little one off into a serene slumber after endless days of holiday fun.

3.TOTS toy boxes

You could have the most breathtaking view in the world, in the most fascinating and luxurious of locations, with white sands and glistening blue oceans on the doorstep…and you can bet that your tot will only really be interested in his slightly manky old toy dinosaur back in the room.

But here at TOTS we believe in giving the tiddlers what they want, so we’ve equipped each of our Tots Exclusive Experience villas and apartments with oodles of new and exciting high quality toys to play with, so little ones can enjoy as much creative play as they like, whilst Mum and Dad can finally have the chance to take in those glorious views, unwind with a cool drink, read a book or quite simply enjoy that one ever-elusive gift – a proper lie-in.


4. 20+ Item baby and toddler kit

Not only is packing everything you’ll need for a family holiday a complete headache, but the cost and effort required to get it all to your destination is sure to wear down even the most organised of meal-prep making perfect pinterest parents. And lets face it, that ain’t many of us.

Save yourself the stress by opting for a Tots holiday, where you’re guaranteed to find over 20+ key baby and toddler items ranging from sterilisers to baby monitors and more, all ready and waiting in your accommodation. Not only does this mean you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips, it means you’ll save yourself a great deal of hassle AND will have room to bring an extra three pairs of sandals. Everyone’s a winner!

Find the full kit list here.

5. Barriered private pools

If there’s one thing you definitely shouldn’t skimp on during your family holiday, it’s safety. Private pools are one of the greatest dangers to young children on holidays – and it’s a hazard that can really simply be avoided.

We don’t feel that a pool alarm is ever enough, as by the time it goes off, the child is already in the water. So instead, we ensure that every single private pool on our site is kept protected by a physical safety barrier. This means little ones can enjoy playing safely and you can really have parent peace of mind knowing that the pool will only ever enhance your holiday fun!


Tots Exclusive Experience offers unique resort benefits:

6. Family chill out zones

Sometimes everybody in the family just needs to chill – and on a family holiday, that’s pretty much every day. Fortunately when you holiday with Tots Exclusive Experiences you can escape the hustle and bustle of the resort to the sanctuary of serene Tots guest-only chill out zones, where both littlies and grownups alike will find space to play, rest and relax.


7. Exciting kids’ activities

When your tots have had enough of unwinding, they’ll be bowled over (not literally we hope) by the incredible array of Tots children’s activities. Run by experienced and qualified Tots Play Makers, little ones can take part in tailored play programmes crafted especially for their age, including daytime activities, evening entertainment and more. From treasure hunts to craft sessions to mini-discos, endless fun is possible! And the best bit – little ones are free to participate in as much or little as they like, because we know that not every child is the same.


8. Imaginative play zones

At our Tots Exclusive Experience resorts, fun is the name of the game. As well as all of the excellent toys, chill out zones and activity programmes we have set up, little ones will be able to enjoy a whole host of imaginative creative play zones. From mini treehouses to pirate ships to themed play pods and more, tots will be spoilt for choice!

Warning: Parents may even be left feeling a little bit jealous…


9. Fuss free family dining

Whilst the fun never stops on a Tots Exclusive Experience resort, unfortunately neither does normal everyday family life – and it won’t be long until tiny tummies start rumbling!

Quite often resorts aren’t so well equipped to deal with the needs of families feeding very young children – but not on our watch! All of our Tots Exclusive Experience resorts offer family orientated meal times (think early breakfasts/dinner), fuss-free dining options including delicious children’s menus and baby feeding stations, and most accommodation is equipped with full kitchens so you’ll also have the flexibility to cook from the comfort of your villa, if that would suit you best. It really is family holidays made easy!

10. Dedicated care from family holiday specialists

We really want to ensure that families have the most magical and perfect family holiday experiences possible – so between our excellent on-site hosts, and our Tots holiday expert team on hand back at home at Mission Control in the UK, we’ll ensure that you’ll have everything you need for a wonderful experience and we’ll always be on hand to help.

We recognise that parents do a really great job of looking after their little ones – so let us look after you!

If you would like to enjoy a Tots Exclusive Experience for yourself, then click HERE to see our full range, or click HERE to speak to our family holiday experts directly for advice and guidance.

To find our more about our Mumsnet Rated seal of approval and to read impartial reviews from the real families on the Mumsnet panel who visited our Tots Exclusive Experience resorts for themselves, click HERE.

Wendy Shand
Wendy Shand

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