12 Reasons to Book an Out of Peak Holiday Today

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If your kids are not yet old enough to go to school or you’re looking for a school holidays bargain, then booking an out of peak family holiday can be an excellent idea…

1. Cheap flights

Booking an out of peak holiday means your flights are likely to be much cheaper than during peak periods. Lower pricings aimed at enticing out of peak travellers to fill up planes may also mean you can afford to book flights leaving at a sensible hour, from the airport of your choice, from the airline of your choice. It’s nice to have options that are perfect for your family!

2. Cost overall

As property owners want to fill up their calendars during out of peak periods, it makes sense that holiday pricings are considerably lower than during peak periods! If you can book out of peak, you may be able to get yourself a bargain.

3. More options

During times when demand is lower, you’ll have more options to pick from. Instead of scraping the bottom of the property barrel during the last minute school summer holiday panic period, you’ll have a whole range of options to choose from, so you can pick a property that’s right for your family. Additionally, if you need a bit more flexibility (such as arriving or departing outside of normal changeover times/days) owners are more likely to be able to meet your requirements and make allowances during out of peak seasons.

4. Cooler evenings and child-friendly temperatures

Going abroad outside of peak summer months can mean temperatures are still nice and hot but not as scorching or unbearable- perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. It also means the nights will be a bit cooler, so you and your kids can get a decent night’s sleep.

5. Less tourists

If fighting your way through crowds and competing for sunbeds is not for you then booking an out of peak holiday can be a good solution. If you pick the right destination, you can have all the perks of a peak holiday such as hot weather, with plenty of space and privacy too. Bliss!

6. Scenery

Even in locations that stay warm all year round, the winter months tend to see slightly more rainfall. As a result, the scenery in your out of peak destination will be much more spectacular during this time than during dry and arid summer months.

7. You can book early

If you’re not constrained by having to travel during peak times, you’ll be able to book an out of peak destination nice and early, meaning you’ll get the very cheapest prices. Make the most of the time you have before your child starts school and you have no choice but to book during high price periods, or plan your school holiday break way in advance, to ensure you get the best possible prices.

8. You have a bit more flexibility

The more flexibility you can bring to your holiday search, the better. This will allow to get the best possible deals for your money and will increase your chances of being able to book a property that you’re really happy with.

9. Remember November

Generally, November is the cheapest time to travel- this is because it is one of the few months in the UK that doesn’t have any school holidays. If your kids are still too young to be at school, this is a great time to make the most of not being restrained by school holidays! It also means there is less competition for car hire when you arrive at your destination, so you’ll be able to get a cheaper deal.

10. Away for May

To avoid soaring summer holiday costs, May can be an excellent time for a trip abroad (during half term if your kids are school age). It can be around 10% or more cheaper than a peak holiday and southern areas such as Greece, Cyprus, the Algarve and Southern Spain will all still have really good weather during this time.

11. You could travel midweek

Travelling out of peak not only refers to seasons but to weekdays too- if you are able to travel during the week instead of on a weekend then it’ll be both cheaper to travel, and much less busy on the roads and in the airport.

12. Late deals

If you have to go away during August or you’ve left things really last minute then booking for the last week of August is a good plan. Lots of people are back from their holiday by this time, to prepare for the new school term, meaning things are a bit cheaper and less busy or there are a few last minute deals on, so get your school stuff organised in advance and have a last week of sun before it all begins again!

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    October 13, 2015 / 3:58 pm

    I’m definitely a fan of booking holidays out of season, mainly because of the cost savings that can be had. You’re right to suggest travelling in midweek whenever possible too.

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