5 Festive Crafts for Christmas!


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Check our these 5 festive crafts, perfect for entertaining little ones and getting into the Christmas spirit!

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5 Festive Crafts: Thumbprint Christmas Lights by Jill Dubieu of meetthedubiens

Fairylight card

Image credit: Jill Dubieu

These beautiful cards look really effective and are so easy to make!

You’ll need:

  • A piece of card
  • A black felt tip or sharpie
  • Various colours of paint
  1. Fold the piece of card in half to make your card
  2. Using the pen, draw a fairylight string across the front of the card
  3. Stamp your child’s thumb in different colours of paint and keep pressing it along the string to form the lights
  4. Use the pen to draw the base for the bulbs
  5. Write your card message inside

For the full instructions from Jill Dubieu, and to read the rest of her fantastic blog, please click here!

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5 Festive Crafts: Light up Christmas Trees by ikatbag

Light up tree

Photo credit: ikatbag

These lovely little Christmas trees make pretty decorations and great nightlights!

You’ll need:

  • A string of battery powered fairylights (supermarkets or the pound store sell these really cheaply)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Green paper
  • An empty cereal box
  • Paper
  • Masking tape
  1. Use a cone template to draw a deconstructed cone on to a flattened cereal box and cut out the shape.
  2. Glue the deconstructed cone onto the green paper and cut around it
  3. Snip the curved edge all along the bottom and using a pencil or screwdriver (get an adult to do this) poke lots of little holes into the cut out shape
  4. Poke the little fairylight bulbs through the holes
  5. If you want to make a star, cut out two white star shapes from some paper and stick them together with tape, leaving a gap at the bottom to push another light into
  6. Use masking tape to stick this to the top of the tree and use more masking tape to hold the rest of the lights in place, on the back of the deconstructed cone
  7. Glue the ends of the deconstructed cone together, to form a complete cone
  8. Cut a circular base out of the cardboard and create a slit down the radius, with a hole in centre of the circle and slot the wire into this
  9. Glue the base to the cone- the slits you made earlier will steady this
  10. Use any tissue paper, pom poms or sequins to decorate the rest of the tree as you wish!

For the full instructions from ikatbag, plus step by step photos, please click here!

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5 Festive Crafts: Christmas Tree Ornament by domesticcharm

Sparkle ornament

These sparkly homemade decorations would look lovely glittering on the tree!

You’ll need:

  • A short clear plastic cup
  • White stiff felt
  • White and red twine
  • A white and red thick drinking straw
  • Green tulle
  • A lollipop stick
  • Glitter
  • Spray glue
  1. Trace around the cup on to the felt, then cut the circle out so that it slightly larger than the rim of the cup- this will be the base
  2. Using a drawing pin, poke a hole in the bottom of the cup and thread both ends of the twine through the hole
  3. Tie these together so that you have a loop to hang the cup with (or you can glue the twine to the top of the cup)
  4. Cut the straw into a little stump, to make the post for your ‘North Pole’ sign
  5. Use a small rectangle of felt and write ‘North Pole’ on it, then glue to the straw
  6. Tie pieces of tulle around the lollipop stick to make the tree, and trim the ends where you need to
  7. Add some foil or silver pipe cleaner on the top to make a star
  8. Glue the tree and sign to the felt base, keeping them as close to the centre as possible so the cup can fit over them both
  9. Spray the tree with glue, then sprinkle with glitter and shake of any excess
  10. Glue the rim of the cup to the base, covering the tree and sign, then leave to dry before hanging

For the full instructions from domesticcharm, plus step by step photos, please click here!

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5 Festive Crafts: Christmas Handkerchiefs by Martha Stewart Living

Hankie decoratingPhoto credit: Annie Schlechter for marthastewart.com

These hand decorated hankies would make the perfect personal Christmas gift

You’ll need:

  • A plain handkercheif
  • Fabric crayons
  • An iron
  1. An adult should iron the hankie before decoration begins
  2. Let your little ones decorate the hankies with a festive theme
  3. Following the instructions on the crayon box, an adult should press the hankie with an iron again to seal the design

For the full instructions from Martha Stewart Living, plus more brilliant craft ideas, please click here!

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5 Festive Crafts: Christmas No Sew Button Covers by Martha Stewart Living

Christmas tree button hole

Photo credit: Karl Juengel for marthastewart.com

Customise your kids’ clothes with this easy no sew festive button decoration!

You’ll need:

  • Coloured felt
  1. Cut a triangle out of felt
  2. Cut little notches along the right and left sides to make a tree shape
  3. Fold the tree in half horizontally and cut a slit in the centre, about the same size as a button
  4. Once your child is wearing their clothes, pop the trees over the buttons

For the full instructions from Martha Stewart Living, plus more brilliant craft ideas, please click here!

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