7 Myths About Travelling With Children


There’s lots of advice available when it comes to travelling with children, but it can be difficult to know which to trust!

We’ve picked out and explained some of the common myths about travelling with kids, so you can holiday with confidence…

Myth 1. Travelling with children is unsafe

You should never book a holiday if you have any serious concerns about your child’s safety, but usually, with the proper preparation, travelling with children isn’t any more dangerous than getting out and about back at home.

If you’re taking your tots abroad be sure to choose afamily friendly destination– many European countries have low crime rates, welcome children into their culture and have all the same standards of healthcare facilities that you get at home.

We also like to go one step further to ensure that our family friendly destinations are safe and suitable for young children; we ensure that every destination is personally hand selected, inspected and perfected by a family holiday expert, using a 30-point child safety checklist. We make sure that every private pool is equipped with a pool barrier and even offer free family healthcare for the duration of your holiday, thanks to our unique partnership with WellVine.

Of course parents should always remember to maintain the standard safety precautions that they would normally take at home (using a car sear when necessary, don’t let little ones wander off on their own etc.).


 Myth 2. You have to pack everything bar the kitchen sink for your family holiday

Stressful, time consuming and expensive, packing for a family holiday can be a nightmare!

However, when you book through us we’ll equip your destination with our Essential Kit Guarantee, meaning you’ll find over 20 key baby and toddler items ready and waiting for you! This means you won’t have to worry about trying to pack them all yourself, or having to pay overweight baggage charges.

We also have plenty of packing guides and checklists to help you get organised, so you can work out exactly what you need to bring.


 Myth 3. There’s no point travelling with young kids as they won’t remember it or appreciate it

It’s true, young children probably won’t remember a lot of the experiences they have at that age. However, the reason we spend so much time and energy providing new experiences for tiny tots is because these experiences are absolutely vital to their development.

Travel is one such experience that can really help with your child’s development; educating your child about new environments, tastes, cultures and people, whilst also having plenty of family time to bond together, can be an excellent experience for your tot. It’s a chance for your little one to really start learning about and exploring the world, plus to start building those childhood memories that they’ll keep forever.

Holidaying with a young child can also be a really great way to give yourself a break! It gives you some time to get away from your daily routine and really rest and relax, whilst also meaning you have plenty of time to spend simply having fun with your child- whether or not your child remembers it, this will absolutely benefit them in the long run and will certainly provide you with lots of happy holiday memories that you can treasure.


Myth 4. You don’t really need to book somewhere that has pool protection

This is one myth that you should definitely ignore!

Pool protection is absolutely vital on holiday- despite utmost vigilance from parents, every year in the news we all hear about tragic holiday accidents involving young children and unenclosed swimming pools.

Some things are just not worth risking- always, always make sure that if you’re staying in a private villa with a pool, the pool has some form of physical safety barrier to protect your children from the water- even pool alarms alone don’t cut it. For this reason, every single private pool on our site comes with a physical safety barrier.

Find out more about our pool protection policy here. 


 Myth 5. Kids only want to visit theme parks or playgrounds on holiday

Don’t feel like holidaying with kids means you’ll have to stick to playgrounds or theme parks- there are plenty of family friendly activities to choose from whilst you’re away, ranging from crafts to water sports to traditional local family activities and more!

We list some of the best nearby family activities and restaurants for every single destination on our website in our ‘Out and About’ sections on each page.

And if you do fancy visiting a playground or a theme park? Well there’s plenty of those nearby too!

Algarve, Western Portugal

 Myth 6. ‘Family’ rooms are always family friendly 

Most resorts offer ‘family’ rooms targeted at those travelling with children, but what does that really mean?

Often, these units are merely an example of a room in which families are tolerated; they simply have a couple of extra sofa beds and are generally the same in most ways to other units offered by the resort, having not been subjected to any kind of proper child safety check- so we believe families deserve something more!

All of the family resort rooms featured on the Tots to Travel website have been inspected and perfected for child safety by a family holiday expert, equipped with all the key bits and pieces that we think families will need and are situated in the best location to suit the needs of holidaying families.

Families shouldn’t just be ‘tolerated’ they should be catered for- so when you book a resort room through us, you can be confident that you’re getting first choice of the very best family friendly rooms as offered by the resort.

Chalet Marjorie

 Myth 7. Travelling with children is too stressful to bother with

We firmly believe that every family deserves a blissful and stress-free holiday- believe us, it is possible!

Of course, travelling with children will be a very different experience to travelling you’ve done before, but with the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Our family holiday experts are on hand to help and to ensure that your family can find the right destination, with as little stress involved as possible. We’ll also be there to support you during your holiday and even when you get back if you need us!

By managing your expectations so that they’re realistic, using our handy holiday resources such as our family holiday planner pack to prepare and by keeping in touch with our family holiday experts, who’ll provide you with help whenever you need it, you can absolutely enjoy a stress-free and relaxing holiday with your family!


Children can learn and gain so much by travelling and experiencing new cultures- by busting family holiday myths and travelling with even tiny tots, you can gift your children the confidence to explore and value the wider world!

Visit www.totstotravel.co.uk to see what baby and toddler friendly options we can offer your family!

Tots to Travel offer baby friendly holidays and child friendly holidays both in the UK and abroad. Our range includes child friendly villas, including perfect villas for kids, baby friendly cottages, baby friendly villas and more…


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