8 Top Tips for Booking Flights!

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Once you’ve selected your perfect family holiday destination, it’s time to think about organising your flights. So what top tips should you be aware of before you book?

Amy Whitley’s excellent article on fix.com has some great tips, including some colourful infographics, to help make things that bit easier for parents. Here are some of our favourite bits of advice…

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1.Book your flights on a Tuesday

Airline companies generally take less bookings on a Tuesday, making it the best day to bag a good flight deal, as prices are lowered to entice more customers on to airline websites. Also keep an eye out for flash sales, which can happen any day of the week and offer some great flight discounts.


2. Fly on a Wednesday

If you can, try to fly on a Wednesday, or failing that, a Tuesday or Saturday. Flights on these days are usually cheaper as they’re generally slightly less popular departure days.


3. Follow airlines on social media and sign up to their newsletter mailing list

Find out about inside sales by keeping up to date with your favourite airlines. Airlines often like to reward loyal customers by posting sales on their social media pages or by emailing customers directly, as they know that this is the audience who are the most keen to book – so slot yourself into that inner circle and find out about the best bargains before everyone else does too.


4. Exercise your right to cancel within 24 hours

It’s so annoying when you’ve paid for something and literally the next day, the prices are marked down. Remember that normally, most airlines will give you 24 hours to cancel flights for free, so if you’ve booked flights but spotted that you could have saved a fairly sizeable sum of money if you’d booked them the next day, then simply cancel your flights and rebook at these at the lower prices whilst you still can.


5. Consider booking two different airlines for your flight out and back

Often you can get really good deals for one-way fares flying out, but return fares are significantly more expensive. Avoid inflated return costs by booking a one-way fare with one airline going out and then a one-way fare with another airline coming back, so you can get a cheap deal for both trips.


6. Aim to book at least 4-6 months in advance

For international flights, this time frame has been recognised as the ideal period to book if you want to get the best deals. By booking early, you can also choose your seat, flight times and departure airport in plenty of time, making sure that you’re able to select the perfect options to suit your family.


7. Ask about empty seats

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Often frequent fliers seated in business or first class may cancel or change their plans, or they may have booked a good economy seat and have been upgraded. As a result, it’s always worth asking if any new (better) seats have opened up.


8. Check out Skyscanner

Do check out airline price comparison sites, so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal! We recommend Skyscanner, which provides a great tool for finding the best flight prices.

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Golden Rules For Booking Flights
Source: Fix.com Blog

Read more flight tips in the full article here!

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