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Family Travel Advice – Travelling with pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years

Here’s our advice on how to find a holiday that works for pre-schoolers!

  • Make the most of your last chance to go on out of peak holidays
  • Spread out – choose a holiday home that has space for everyone
  • Company for kids – opt for child friendly holiday property clusters
  • Find family friendly holidays with a variety of activities
  • Don’t forget about you – holiday relaxation for parents


Make the most of your last chance to go on out of peak holidays

  • Once children start school, you become restricted with when you can take a family holiday.
  • Taking holidays during peak school break periods mean you’ll pay higher prices, have less choice due to high booking rates and more competition, you’ll have to book more expensive flights and destinations will be more busy.
  • Make the most of your child’s pre-school age and book some amazing family holidays during out of peak periods. You’ll have plenty of options to pick from and will also get the best prices!

Spread out – choose a holiday home that has space for everyone

  • With pre-schoolers old enough to charge about and play, it’s important to have plenty of room.
  • Caravans, tents and mobile homes can also be a bit of a squeeze.  Family friendly villas, resorts and gîtes are your best bet as you can choose a property that gives you the right number of bedrooms to suit your family’s needs.
  • The more space you have to spread out in, the better everybody’s chances are of relaxing.

Company for kids – opt for child friendly holiday property clusters

  • If you have a child aged 3-5 years, it’s likely they will get bored quickly and need entertaining ASAP. Having other children around makes life more fun for them and easier for you!
  • Choosing a gîte cluster or holiday complex with other kids on site gives your children instant playmates, meaning you get more time to lie in the sun and relax in peace.
  • Some of our properties offer kids clubs or group activities for children, others are less structured.  But simply having other children on the same grounds means there is someone else for your children to play with – whether it’s Marco Polo in the pool, kicking a football around, going for a bike ride or building dens.

Family friendly holidays with a variety of activities

  • Younger children will love the company of other kids their age and the freedom to explore, play and be active.  Look for properties that are in clusters or that feature activities like kayaking, swimming, cycling, horse riding or learning to cook.
  • Also look for days out or events nearby that will appeal to them – whether it’s a summer fair, sand castle building competition or Easter egg hunts.
  • Pre-schoolers love the beach or splashing in a pool, but will be less keen on sightseeing so make sure there’s plenty to entertain at your destination.
  • Your best bet is to call us . We can talk through your personal requirements and suggest a holiday that’s best suited for your entire family.

Relaxation for parents

  • Opt for a property that offers home cooked meals or has an on-site restaurant  so that you get a break from cooking.  If you have slightly older children, set them a challenge to create a meal for the family using local ingredients and encourage them to get involved in chores such as washing the dishes.
  • Find a property that has a kids clubs on site so that you get some time out to go sightseeing or visiting areas the children are less keen on.  If you’re staying in a gîte cluster and meet another family, offer to do a babysitting swap.
  • Many of our properties offer pamper treatments or classes – whether fitness, cooking, horse riding or art.  Find something you would like to do and take turns with your partner to get out and do them.


Remember, holidays are meant to be relaxing.  Don’t try to cram too much into them.  Plan a few days out but otherwise just enjoy spending time with your children and each other.

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