Advice for Taking a Toddler Abroad

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Advice for toddler friendly holidays

Imagine going on a holiday with someone who can’t sit still, gets into everything, has very little common sense, changes their mind constantly about what they want, has a low boredom threshold, gets tired easily and lets you know loudly when something isn’t right.

Welcome to travelling with a toddler.

But before you give up on the idea of having a holiday for the next few years, let us assure you that holidays with a toddler are not only possible, they are brilliant fun – if you do it right.  You just need to pick out the right kind of toddler friendly holidays.

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Here’s our top 5 tips for toddler friendly holidays.

  1. Go for flexibility: why villa holidays with toddlers beat hotels
  2. Avoid the packing nightmare: find toddler friendly holidays with kit included
  3. Free to relax: choose holiday properties that put toddlers’ safety first
  4. Short haul holidays: keep travel time with a toddler to a minimum
  5. Things to do: toddler friendly holiday activities

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Go for flexibility – why villa holidays with toddlers beat hotels

You might think that staying in a hotel will give you a break from cooking and cleaning.  But trust us, you and your toddler will be far more relaxed in a home from home that is designed with you in mind and will welcome you with open arms.  Here’s why:

  • Easier eating: Toddlers are easier to feed than babies in that they no longer need sterilised bottles or pureed food. But they still prefer a limited range of foods, eat little and often, require a high chair or booster seat, prefer plastic crockery and cutlery and tend to make a mess – all of which are not well catered for in hotel restaurants.
  • By choosing a toddler friendly villa holiday, you can decide what your tot eats, when they eat and how they eat without any stress.  Why pay extortionate hotel prices for a meal that your toddler is likely to eat two bites of?
  • Instead enjoy exploring the fresh local markets – a great sensory learning opportunity for little ones – and introduce your toddler to the gorgeous taste of fresh ingredients that take a minimal amount of cooking.  Try these Mediterranean meal ideas.
  • Alternatively, many of our properties offer home cooked meal delivery  so you can put your feet up entirely.
  • Easier sleeping: Your toddler probably still needs naps during the day and needs an early bedtime.  By staying in a villa, you can give your toddler a rest when they need it, while you still get to lie in the sun with a book, rather than being cooped up in a hotel room. Your holiday will be a lot more fun if your toddler gets the rest they need, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your sunbathing time or romantic evenings as a couple.
  • Free to be a toddler: In a hotel, you will constantly be aware of just how much noise your toddler makes as you walk past ‘Do not disturb’ signs hanging on doors.  But in a toddler friendly holiday property of your own, your tot can giggle, sing, yell, tantrum or bang on pots and pans to their hearts content without bothering anyone (well maybe you, but that’s the joy of parenthood!)

Avoid the packing nightmare – find holidays for toddlers with kit included

  • While toddlers don’t need quite as much kit as babies do, they still need several things that don’t fit comfortably into your suitcase – like a potty, bed guard, black out blind or night light
  • It’s the little things like these that turn what should be a relaxing break into something twice as hard as normal.
  • All of our properties are kitted out to provide toddler friendly holidays and are covered by our essential kit guarantee, which ensures that everything you need for your toddler is provided. It even includes toddler friendly books and toys.  So while you may have to pack their favourite teddy, the novelty of different toys will keep them happily entertained while you are on holiday.

Free to relax – holiday properties that put toddlers’ safety first

  • There is no age group more prone to accidents than toddlers.
  • These curious little creatures get into everything, which is hard enough at your toddler-proofed home, but utterly exhausting when you’re in a holiday property without safety measures in place.
  • We know this, which is why we ensure all our holiday properties come with safety features like swimming pools barriers and stair gates.
  • Any other potential hazards, like split level flooring or outdoor steps are flagged so that you can choose a property that suits you.  We want you to leave your holiday relaxed and you can only do that if you are confident that your toddler is safe.  With us, they will be.  These are the details which make our toddler friendly holidays the best.

Short haul holidays – keep travel time to a minimum

  • Toddlers love the excitement of going on a plane, train, ferry or even a car journey….for about thirty minutes.
  • Thereafter, they don’t want to sit in their seat. They want to run around and kick their legs and drop their toys and eat snacks.
  • That’s why we have a range of fabulous, handpicked villas that are just a short hop away.  Our destinations are all manageable length trips with energetic little ones.

Things to do – toddler friendly holiday activities

Having solved the basic issues of feeding, sleeping, travel, safety and packing, you might be wondering what to actually do on a holiday with a toddler. Here are our suggestions:

  • Beach holiday fun: toddlers love the beach.  A simple bucket and spade (often provided by our properties) will keep them entertained for hours.  Rock pooling, collecting shells, building sandcastles, paddling in the shallow waves are all brilliant fun for your little one and you’ll get to work on your tan.
  • Swimming: splashing in the pool with mum and dad is a great way to introduce your toddler to water.  Most of our properties have private or shared pools to enjoy with inflatable toys for added fun.
  • Markets: food or artisan markets are full of interesting sights and sounds for toddlers.  They’ll be fascinated by fish stalls and the bright colours of fresh fruits, while you get the chance to see the local area and stock up on delicacies.  Keep trips short though and be sure to buy snacks for your toddler while you walk around.
  • Sight-seeing: Newsflash!  Toddlers aren’t interested in culture or crumbling buildings.  They are interested in playing hide and seek or riding on daddy’s shoulders and if that happens to be next to an ancient ruin, so be it!  Keep sight-seeing limited and where possible, age appropriate – like aquariums or petting zoos. Remember, little legs can’t manage a great deal of walking so take a buggy.
  • Down time: Toddlers like staying at home, playing with toys, helping mummy and daddy and looking at books.  Be sure to factor in some time for chilling out in the luxury of your holiday property.
  • Playing with other children: if you have a sociable toddler, it might be worth looking at a holiday cluster  so that they have other children to play with.  Some of our properties even offer kids clubs or babysitters to give them some playtime and you some time off.

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Still unsure about travelling with a toddler?

Chat to one of our specialists in toddler friendly holidays to help put your mind at ease.  We’re parents too and know exactly what you’re going through.

No question is too much trouble.  We’re here to help you to make your family holiday perfect.

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