Airlines With Infants: Flying British Airways With Children

It can be really useful to know what each airline company has to offer families, whether it’s negotiating booking prices, seating options or in-flight facilities.

We’ve put together a breakdown of all the family-friendly options provided by major UK airlines, so you can pick the company that’s right for you…

British Airways

A Brief Summary: Booking with British Airways


Some immigration departments require extra documentation for children travelling into/out of the country. You can check this here:

 IATA Travel centre

All passengers, including babies, must have their own passport.

Ages of children

Infants: 0-23 months

Children: 2-11 years

Cross over:  Infants who become 2 years old during the holiday will need their own seat both on and after their second birthday. However there is no extra charge and you can still pay the infant price if you ring up to organise in advance.

Unborn infants: If you know you want to travel shortly after you’re due to give birth, you can make your own booking as usual. Please contact us after your baby is born and we’ll arrange for your baby’s ticket to be issued.

You must always have a ticket for your infant’s journey.

Newborn babies must be at least 48 hours old and have been born without any complications before they can travel with us. If you plan to fly soon after your baby’s birth, please check with your treating doctor that they agree to both you and your baby travelling.

If you have had a Caesarean section or if other surgery was needed during or after the birth, then you can travel after 10 days, with medical clearance from our Health Services. We would advise that your treating doctor approve your travel first.

Thank you to David Ellis for recently updating this information

Seating with British Airways


When travelling with an infant under two years old, who won’t be sitting in a seat of their own, you can reserve a seat for yourself and others in your booking (excluding group bookings) for free.

You can reserve a seat in advance for a child seat/carrycot that are provided by BA, subject to conditions (i.e. usually only on long haul flights)- child seats and carrycots are free of charge but subject to availability.

You can reserve all seats in advance, although charges may apply. If you don’t reserve seats then you’ll have them allocated 5 days before departure; if your group cannot be seated together, all children in your booking will be seated with an accompanying adult.

With more than one infant

If all infants are sitting on an adult’s lap, you will need one adult to travel per infant.

If you are travelling with two infants and one is aged between 6-23 months you can buy one infant ticket and one child fare so that the older infant can sit on their own seat, as long as they are also sitting in an approved car seat.


If you haven’t reserved a carrycot position, your little one can sit on your lap using an extension seat belt which the cabin crew will help to fit for you.

Child seats, available for attachment to carrycots that are provided by BA, and carrycots are suitable for older babies who weigh less than 12.5kgs, but are not suitable for use during take-off or landing.

Car seats

You can use your own car seat if you purchase a separate seat for your child at an additional child fare. Your child must be between 6 months- 3 years old and the car seat must meet CAA aircraft safety restrictions. You cannot use two part car seats.

Amsafe Restraint System

If you have your own system, this may be used on board for infants aged 12 months- 4 years.

They cannot be used:

  • In First Class, Club World or World Traveller Plus seats
  • On the same row as, in front of or behind the emergency exit

Baggage and Check-in with British Airways

Luggage and pushchairs

Your child has the same checked and hand baggage allowance as you.

Infants have an allowance of one extra cabin bag for items they may need during the flight, one checked bag, one collapsible pushchair and one car seat. If you have a small lightweight pushchair, you can take this to the aircraft door. This will be returned to you as soon as possible on arrival.

Check in options

By mobile: Download the BA app or go online to

Online: Visit

Check-in kiosk: Check-in at BA desks at the airport you’re flying from

On the Flight With British Airways


Families will be invited to board first, so you can get settled before other passengers


  • Dedicated kid’s channel from Disney and Cartoon Network and family movies on longhaul flights
  • Parental lock available to set up on programmes not suitable for children
  • Skyflyers Kids’ Zone
  • Skyflyers activity packs available on flights over 2 hours long. There are two separate packs available including one for children aged 2-5 and one for children aged 6+
  • Printable Skyflyers baggage tag available so little ones can personalise their belongings

Food and Drink

  • Some tinned baby food available but it’s recommended that you bring your own
  • Healthy children’s meals available
  • ‘Feed Kids First’ policy so your children can finish having dinner before you have yours, so you can eat in peace
  • Bottles and water CANNOT be sterilised on-board

For more information visit:

British Airways family travel section

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