Airlines With Infants: Flying Easy Jet With Children

It can be really useful to know what each airline company has to offer families, whether it’s negotiating booking prices, seating options or in-flight facilities.

We’ve put together a breakdown of all the family-friendly options provided by major UK airlines, so you can pick the company that’s right for you…

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Some immigration departments require extra documentation for children travelling into/out of the country. You can check this here:

 IATA Travel centre

All passengers, including babies, must have their own passport.

Ages of children

Infants: 0-23 months

Children: 2-16 years

Babies can travel as long as they are at least 15 days old.

Infants are not charged a full fare, but there is a cost of £22 per flight if they travel on the lap of an adult. They will need their own boarding pass.

Only two infants are allowed with every accompanying adult, and infants who have been booked in as a child will not be accepted.

Passengers older than 2 are charged a full fare and must occupy their own seat.

If you are pregnant you can travel up to 35 weeks into your pregnancy, or 32 weeks if you are carrying more than one baby. Specific suitable seats are available for expectant mothers, and you can still sit with an infant on your lap if you wish to.



Seating with infants

If your infant is travelling on your lap, you will need to wear an infant extension belt when the seatbelt signs are on.

You may bring a car seat if you’d prefer your infant to have their own seat but you will need to contact the Customer Service Team first.

Children and car seats cannot be placed on rows next to, in front of or behind an emergency exit. Car seats are best used on window seats.

With more than one infant

If you are travelling with more than one infant, or if you would prefer them to have their own seat, you can contact the Customer Service Team to book this. You will need to bring a safety approved and appropriately sized car seat or suitable restraint device if your child is under 2, as Easy Jet don’t provide these.


You can choose seats in advance to make sure your party can sit together, children with be allocated a seat next to an adult in your party. Seating is on a first come first served basis, so it’s important you organise this early.


Baggage and Check-in


  • Infants and children have the same luggage as adults
  • This is three items of hold luggage per person with a charge for each item, plus one item of cabin baggage
  • You can bring two free items into the cabin or checked into the hold from the following list:
  1. Travel Cot
  2. Pushchair
  3. Double pushchairs
  4. Buggy
  5. Car seat
  6. Collapsible or non-collapsible pram
  7. Booster seat
  8. Baby back carrier
  • The hand luggage items need to be tagged at check-in but can be taken to the aircraft door. You can collect them again from the baggage carousel on arrival.
  • Booster seats can be taken as hand luggage as long as they meet measurement requirements, but cannot be used instead of car seats. You can use them when the seatbelt sign has been turned off.
  • Consider bringing an infant sling to make things easier when you arrive, until you can get your pushchair back

Check in

Online: You can do this any time from 30 days in advance up to 2 hours before your flight. If you’re dropping in checked luggage, you can use the Bag Drop system which opens two hours before take-off.

Check-in desk: You can also check-in at the airport, but be prepared to queue


On the Flight


  • Families with children under 5 will be allowed to board early


  • There are children’s snack packs available to buy on board which come with an activity pack
  • You can breastfeed a baby at any time during the journey


  • If you’re travelling alone with a child and need the toilet, a member of the cabin crew can sit with your child until you get back.
  • There are fold down baby changing boards in the toilets
  • You CANNOT buy nappies or wipes on the plane, so remember to bring these
  • You can buy toys on-board such as Gulliver and Lily teddy bears

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