Airlines With Infants: Flying Monarch With Children

It can be really useful to know what each airline company has to offer families, whether it’s negotiating booking prices, seating options or in-flight facilities.

We’ve put together a breakdown of all the family-friendly options provided by major UK airlines, so you can pick the company that’s right for you…




Some immigration departments require extra documentation for children travelling into/out of the country. You can check this here:

 IATA Travel centre

All passengers, including babies, must have their own passport.

Ages of children

Infants: under 2 years old

Child: 2-11 years old

Adults: 12 years+

Babies must be at least 7 days old to travel, and mothers cannot travel within 14 days of having given birth.



Infants on laps

Infants on laps will be secured using an extension seat belt and the parent/guardian will be placed in a seat that has an extra drop down oxygen mask in the unlikely event of emergency.

Car seats and Travelchairs

Car seats can be brought along and used for children aged 6 months-3 years as long as they meet suitable safety standards and the responsible adult sits on the seat next to it. The infant must sit on the parent’s/guardian’s lap during take-off and landing however.

If you wish to bring a car seat into the cabin then you must notify Monarch at least 5 days before you fly.

Monarch offer a special Travelchair, to provide extra support for disabled children aged 1-9 years.


Seating is allocated, and Monarch will try to seat families together where possible. A child will never be sat without an accompanying adult. You can pre-book seats in advance for a small fee.


Baggage and Check-in


  • Infants have a 10kg baggage allowance on all flights
  • Large infant luggage items such as pushchairs are free of charge
  • Child passengers will have the same luggage allowances as adults


Check-in desks: Located in airports

Online: Only available if you book with Monarch direct, print boarding passes and make final changes online


On the Flight

Nappy change facilities available in at least one toilet onboard.

No infant meals are available but parents can bring their own feed to use onboard.

For more information visit


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