All You Need to Know About the Tots Exclusive Experience

What is the Tots Exclusive Experience?

You may have seen the phrase Tots Exclusive Experience dotted around our website…

If it’s got you asking yourself “what IS a Tots Exclusive Experience?” then this blog post is for you!

A specialist selection of family friendly holidays

Here’s what you can expect from a Tots Exclusive Experience at a glance:

  • Family-sized villas, cottages and apartments
  • Play corners in your accommodation
  • Family chill out zones
  • Fun and friendly kids’ bedrooms
  • Exciting kids’ activities
  • 20+ items of baby & toddler kit
  • Imaginative play zones
  • Fuss free family dining
  • All private pools barriered

Imagine having all the fantastic benefits of a Tots holiday, plus so much more!

The creation of the Tots Exclusive Experience

The Tots Exclusive Experience has been an ongoing project, a concept that we have been striving to perfect for families like yours with children under 5. This exclusive range has been created by us, combining all our knowledge that we’ve gained over the last 13 years about what makes a perfect family holiday and directing this into specially designed holidays that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

What makes these holidays different?

Whilst all the accommodation on our website features our essential baby and toddler kit and barriered private pools as standard, there’s something different about Tots Exclusive Experiences…

They have been specifically adapted to accommodate families just like yours, with children under 5, to provide a safe and fun holiday environment. Addressing the very specific issues you face as parents with young children, these destinations work towards reducing anxieties based around travelling with under 5’s and replacing them with a sense of reassurance.

A holiday is the perfect chance to reconnect with your family and to savour precious moments together, and these exclusive properties provide the perfect setting for your new favourite memories.

Family friendly fun

One of the most exciting aspects of our Tots Exclusive Experiences is that certain locations have tailored play programmes with Tots Play Makers, daytime activities and evening entertainment that have been designed specifically with under 5’s in mind.

We’ve worked with play experts to design an open-ended, imaginative, age appropriate and engaging play experience throughout these properties.

From treasure hunts to mini-discos, craft sessions to huge selections of engaging toys, the possibilities for fun are endless at these destinations! Little ones will be in their element in these inspiring and unique play zones (and it’ll also give the adults of the group some time to kick back and relax, too!)

Not to mention, friendly staff will go above and beyond to look after your children and give them a holiday to remember! Our play experts at Green Garden Resort are dedicated to providing a fun and exciting play experience, even organising family trips down to the beach so your children can make new friends and cherished memories.

Pool time play

There’s no doubt about it, one of the most exciting aspects of a summer holiday is the idea of jumping into a refreshing blue pool, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the fantastic pool areas at our Tots Exclusive properties! Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to ensure all private pools are barriered, and that kiddie pools are also available at most of these destinations for little water babies.

Private pools can cause anxiety for parents, and whilst you must be vigilant around pools, the addition of pool protection such as barriers, fences and hard covers can reduce some of that fear for parents. This means that pools don’t have to be a scary place for parents or tots, and can instead be a base for fun, splashing and games with all the family.

Tailored to your needs and routines

Destinations within this range cater to your basic family needs. From family-orientated meal times (think early breakfasts and dinner times) and fuss-free dining with delicious children’s options on the menu, to the essential 20+ items of toddler and baby kit, your holiday really can be a seamless, stress-free experience.

When holidaying with children, home comforts are sorely missed… however, on a Tots Exclusive holiday, you can enjoy a home away from home as our various accommodations are equipped with all you could need for your holiday. One of the most important being that the kitchens are fully equipped with cooking facilities for those who wish to cook their own meals or rustle up a quick snack for hungry little holiday-makers. Also, the overall accommodation offers flexible living space, giving you plenty of room for all your new inflatables!

On the topic of routines, bed-time is an extremely important part of the day. To be able to enjoy your holiday, everyone needs a great sleep! This is why we have designed fun bedrooms for your little ones, making sure that the most important family members feel special at ALL times.

In each room, you can expect to find either black out blinds or shades, not only helping you stick closely to your normal routines but also helping your little holidayers get some quality shut-eye.

The range has just expanded!

As if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, the range has now expanded to make room for 4 more locations, meaning you have a choice of 7 to choose from for your next family holiday. This expansion wouldn’t have been possible without all the fantastic feedback we’ve received from happy holiday makers and the sheer demand for a Tots Exclusive holiday experience.

Whether you like to splash in a pool in Spain, take in the views of pretty Portugal or explore the charm of France, we can guarantee there’s a Tots Exclusive Experience that’s perfect for you and your family.

Explore the range we have to offer and fall in love with a Tots Exclusive Experience today…

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