Tipping tips- how much should you tip on holiday?

It can sometimes be hard to know how much you should tip when you’re abroad- you don’t want to feel silly for being overgenerous but nor do you want to appear rude!

Check out our simple guide to tipping, so when you visit a Tots destination it’s one less thing to worry about…

Holidays in Europe

In most of Europe, it’s custom to leave a tip. The standard amount does vary depending which country you visit, but is usually around 10%. Always remember to check your bill before tipping as some restaurants already include a service charge in the total.

Who should you tip?

It’s often considered polite to tip:

Always remember that a tip is discretionary- if you don’t feel like you’ve received good service then don’t be afraid to hold back on tipping!

How much to tip when holidaying in…

Greece: 5-10% of your food bill

It’s unusual for a service charge to be included in your bill when visiting Greece – and if there is an extra amount added, it’s usually just a few Euros that will go towards the bread or bottled water served before the meal, so do leave a little extra for your waiter or waitress if they’ve provided good service.

In the more touristy areas, taxi drivers or tour guides may expect or hint towards a tip but don’t necessarily feel pressured into giving one.

Spain, The Canaries and the Balearics: 10-15% of your food bill

A service charge is usually included on bills in Spain but it’s considered polite to also leave a few extra Euros- tip an additional 5-10%. If no service charge is included in your bill then aim to be tipping around 15%, depending on the quality of the restaurant.

Taxi drivers and tour guides do usually expect a small tip, but again it is up to you to decide whether you want to provide one.

France: 10-15% of your food bill 

When you’re holidaying in France, you’ll find that a service charge is included in the bill- this is required by law. However, as in the UK, a tip is a reward for good service, so you are not obligated to pay this extra sum. If you find that no service charge is listed, aim to tip around 10-15%.

Taxi drivers, hotel staff and tour guides will appreciate being tipped, but won’t always expect it.

Italy: Round up to nearest 5/10 Euros on your bill

When you visit Italy, aim to tip around 10% or simply round up the bill to the nearest 5 or 10 Euros. Phrases to look out for on your bill include:

‘Servizio’- this is a service charge already included in your bill total

‘Pane e coperto’- this is an extra charge for bread

‘Coperto’- this a charge for the tablecloth/silverware but is less commonly included on the bill nowadays

You’ll need to pay all charges in these instances, but you won’t be expected to include a separate tip as well.

Taxi drivers don’t always expect to be tipped but certainly appreciate it, especially if they’ve helped you with your luggage.

Cyprus: Tip around 10-15% of your bill

A service charge of around 10-15% is usually included in your food bill, so if not included, aim to tip around this figure when dining in a restaurant- bars and cafes usually do not expect a tip.

Taxi drivers or tour guides will normally expect to be tipped around 5-10%, but again this is up to you and depends on the quality of service you feel that you’ve received.

Portugal: Tip around 10% of your bill

Service charges are rarely included in the bill total when visiting Portugal, so aim to tip around 10% as staff often do rely on these tips for a supplement to their wage.

In the more touristy areas of Portugal it’s often customary to tip taxi drivers around 5-10%, however in the North of Portugal, this is often considered to be a very generous amount!

In the Northern region you may even find restaurant or cafe owners trying to return money they think you’ve forgotten on the table, so do make it clear that you’d like to offer this as a service charge.

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