Quick Tips for Avoiding Re-Packing Stress

Re-packing everything back up again after a family holiday can be a bit of a nightmare…

Somehow, despite my best efforts, all of our vast amounts of child and baby paraphernalia always end up all over our holiday accommodation!  Re-packing can be an total nightmare, especially when there’s a certain little monster taking it all back out again. Sigh.

For me, having some sort of re-packing system is the only way to retain my sanity- here are some top tips I find really useful!

  1. Before you set off, pop your holiday packing list in the case so that you can refer to it again when re-packing begins

2. Contain the children! Seriously this is super important- get hubby to take them down to reception or the pool, sit them on a bed with some games to play with, just do what you need to be able to do your final pack without interruption!

3. Start with your valuables- you’ll be kicking yourself if you accidentally forget these, which is easy to do if you’ve stashed them in a hotel safe or something similar. Keys are a big one – and remember when you’re packing up to put items you’ll need when you land (like car parking tickets or house keys) somewhere you can easily get hold of them.

4. Continue by checking the bathrooms- look out for pesky toothbrushes, swimwear hanging up, toiletries hiding in the shower etc.  (And if there are freebies, you might as well take them whilst you’re there right??)

5. Work your way systematically around the rooms, not forgetting the pool area or garden

6. Move on to any travel cots or kids’ beds you’ve used- is teddy lurking in the bottom? Sneaky dummy stuffed in a corner?

7. Check under the beds and shake out the sheets in case anything is wrapped up in them

8. Check through all the cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. If there are high shelves, reach right to the back just in case anything has slid back there- I once left behind my go-to favourite (non baby sick stained!!!) skirt as a result of this, I’ve still not got over the trauma…

9. Double check you haven’t left any adaptors or chargers plugged in and check the fridge for anything important you might have forgotten

10. If you seem to be returning with way more than you brought out (curse you, reasonably priced tourist shops!!) bring as many souvenirs back in your hand luggage as possible. Can your toddler sit on the plane in a novelty sombrero? Yes, yes she can.

Wendy Johnson
Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson is the Social Media Manager at Tots to Travel, Mum of 2, lover of France & Greece, talented knitter and loves any kind of crafting with her girls.

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