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Share your thoughts, theories, concepts, stories and experiences to help us document the changing pace of family travel.

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Join the likes of Sarah Turner (aka The Unmumsy Mum) and more to network, collaborate and broadcast your writings to a wide audience.

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Types of content we love...

Travel advice articles

Your personal opinions and travel tips on holiday budgeting, travel hacks, any cool gear you’ve found, insurance, tech and more!

Planning tools

We love how to’s, checklists, templates and long-form guides that help reduce the anxiety around travelling with young children and give great insight into how to make things easier!

Destination guides

We’d love to hear your experience visiting a European destination, what challenges you had, what you found to do, how the locals were and all those helpful things mums and dads might want to know before jetting off.

Safety abroad information

Feeling safe abroad is something our audience value greatly. We write regularly on topics such as sun care, drinking water, illness, first aid and pool safety.

Inspiration & experiences

Share your personal experiences travelling with children, the mishaps and challenges you had, clever ways you invented solutions, what travel means to you and your family, lessons you learned from your experiences.

How can I contribute?

We are looking for anyone who has a passion for family travel to join the Tots blog network. Our main focus is delivering as much value to our audience as possible so your concept is important to get that across.

To send us a concept, it’s really easy:

  1. Read our contributor guidelines carefully and make sure your concept fits our goal of giving the most value to our audience

  2. Provide a few details about yourself  and a brief description of your idea

  3. Link any articles you’ve written before and send us your concept with the form below

  4. If we love it (i’m certain we will), we’ll get back to you ASAP to introduce ourselves and get started (bear with us)!

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