Benefits of booking your own flights…

7 benefits of booking your own flights


1. Flexibility

Flexibility is key to happy family holidays. Although you might find a cheap package deal including flights, a flight that leaves from the other side of the country at 5 in the morning is just not going to be suitable for families travelling with little ones. By booking your flights separately, you can control all the details, such as flight times or departure airports, so that they best suit the needs of your family.


2. Price

Many people are under the misconception that booking flight packages mean they will get the best flight deals. Tools such as Skyscanner are actually a great alternative, as they compare prices across multiple travel companies to find the best value flights, and even give yearly indicators as to when is the best time to book your flight for the cheapest cost.


3. Ease of Journey

In the haste of booking what looked like a bargain holiday deal, I once discovered to my dismay that the package deal flight actually had a hidden long stopover en-route, adding several hours on to my journey. Booking a flight separately means you can select the most direct route and quickest flight times (nobody wants to be stuck on a plane for 8+ hours with a toddler, believe me!!) without having to worry about sneaky stop-overs or flights routed through other destinations, which might be hidden in the small print.


4. Avoid package deal scams

Holiday scams are becoming all too common; too often we hear about families who on past package holidays had reached their destination only to find that the accommodation hadn’t been paid for, wasn’t at the standard they were expecting or in one instance, had been entirely closed down without the family being notified! Booking your destination through a reputable, trustworthy and child-friendly company is the best way of ensuring your family holiday goes without a hitch.


5. Hidden Costs and Woeful Flights

If a holiday deal looks too good to be true then it probably is! Booking through reliable flight companies personally means you can avoid any nasty hidden taxes or costs. It also means you can personalise your flight experience; if you require a special type of child seat or have allergy issues etc., by booking flights directly you have a much greater ability to organise the right flight experience for your kids.


6. Help is at hand

In the event that something does go wrong on holiday, you don’t want to be stuck in some far-off location whilst your problem is casually passed around different departments of a huge holiday package deal firm. If you’ve booked a flight with a flight specialist, you will get their full attention, knowledge and assistance if something goes wrong with said flight. Ditto with your accommodation. If you book with experts, you’ll get expert service!


7. Accommodation Benefits

There are some things worth investing in. Booking with a holiday accommodation specialist means you’ll get a professional, knowledgeable and reliable service when it comes to choosing your destination, meaning you’ll be able to find the place that’s right for you and your family- without having to settle for a bargain bucket holiday deal that’s just not up to scratch.

At Tots, most of our properties are provided on an accommodation-only basis; however we personally inspect, hand-select and perfect all of our properties, install safety measures such as pool barriers and stock every destination with our Essential Kit Guarantee (read more about what we do HERE).

We’re not a bumper package-deal sort of company, but we are a company who values integrity, honesty and providing the absolute best standard of family friendly holidays for our customers- we’re also happy to advise on the best flight deals for your family, so you’re not thrown in at the deep end!

Give us a call on: 0800 014 2770 to speak to a family travel expert now. 

Happy Family Holiday! Book your own flights...


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Wendy Johnson

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  1. Avatar March 8, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    Agree 100% with point 6. Having a specialist to book your flights can save a whole lot of pain in the long run. A long time ago we booked with a OTA, then we had to make changes the whole process of trying to make changes was a comedy of errors. Lesson learnt never again, especially when the flights were with the kids.

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