Bonfire Night Safety Tips – Take Care of Your Tots

Bonfire night safety tips

Bonfire night can be such a magical evening, filled with colourful fireworks, the warm crackle of the bonfire, dripping toffee apples and glittering sparklers.

However you must keep in mind that Bonfire night can be dangerous if you don’t properly prepare – check out our top tips for keeping tots safe on this nippy November evening, plus check out a fab infographic from BillyOh.

Top Tips for Keeping Tots Safe 

  • Supervise children at all times, never leave them unattended
  • Ensure everybody is stood well back when fireworks are about to be lit
  • If possible, mark a safe area with a rope so that children know where to stand don’t cross into the danger zone
  • Keep little ones wrapped up properly with thick socks, a hat, coat and gloves
  • Look for child friendly firework displays which have less loud noises or if you decide to go to a normal display, ensure that babies and young toddlers have earmuffs to muffle loud and scary noises
  • Make sure sparklers are held at an arm’s length and that children have gloves on to protect their skin
  • Consider using glow sticks as an alternative to sparklers
  • Be aware of flying sparks or wood smoke containing toxic chemicals- keep children well back from fires
  • Don’t allow children to pick up fireworks debris- there may be some hidden ignited portions that can still explode
  • You can find more safety tips on our Safety Tips article here

For more bonfire night safety tips, check out this great infographic by BillyOh who also have loads of great safety tips on their site, which you can view here:  


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