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Tots Holiday Advice and Tips: Car seat laws in Italy

Wherever you drive, the safety of all your passengers will always be a top priority – but it’s good to know that the law’s on your side too!

If you’re taking your own car to Italy the rules are very simple; children (and all passengers) must be secured according to UK legislation.

If you’re hiring or borrowing a car, the following checklist will help to avoid any unnecessary complications with the Polizia di Stato:

  1. All passengers must wear any fitted seat belts
  2. Children under 36 kg (97 pounds) or 150 cm (4 ft, 9 in) must use appropriate child restraints, as follows.
  • Babies weighing up to 4 kg (9 pounds), must be in a rear-facing car seat attached to the back seat.
  • If your child weighs less than 18 kg (39 pounds) they must use a child car seat.
  • If your child weighs more than 18kg (39 pounds), they can use a booster seat bringing them up to the right height to safely use the car’s fitted seat belts.

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Remember to reserve car seats when you book your hire car.
Trunki Boostapaks and Bubblebum seats are great for 4-12 year olds and can be taken with you easily.
Some airlines allow you to take a car seat with no extra charge.  For instance, Ryanair now allows you to take 2 pieces of infant equipment free.  This could be a buggy and a car seat for instance. Do check carefully with your airline as individual policies do vary.
Booster seats are not always available from hire car companies but can be bought locally.

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  1. Avatar
    Pawel Jankowiak
    April 25, 2017 / 10:47 am

    18 kg = 39 pounds

  2. Avatar
    Stephanie Bradburn
    June 12, 2016 / 5:51 pm

    Will my 10 yr old need a booster seat?

    • Avatar June 13, 2016 / 6:26 am

      Hello Stephanie, If your child is less than 150cm tall, then a suitable seat / booster is required.

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