What Clothes Should You Be Packing for Your Baby/Toddler?


With so many wonderful baby clothes to choose from, it’s easy to get distracted from packing the essentials when you head off on holiday … here are just a few of our top picks from Jo Jo Maman Bébé to get you started.

Ready for the beach

When packing for the beach the key things are protection from the sun, warmth in the water and comfort top to toe.

A good sunhat

A practical, quick dry hat should be first on the list, providing essential sun protection to both head and neck – these ones from Jo Jo Mamon Bébé have the added benefit of built in extra UVA sun protection.



Simple pop-on sunglasses will help to keep the glare out of delicate eyes – team them up with a handy neoprene strap for little ones with determined fingers.


All in one sunsuits

Fun and quick drying sunsuits offer 98% UVA and UVB protection from the sun, helping to reduce the amount of exposed skin and making regular sun creaming a little more manageable.


Baby wetsuits

If you’ve got a real water baby, a baby wetsuit helps to keep in body heat, so that your little one can enjoy the water for longer. These ones are conveniently designed for easy dressing with wraps around the body, under the bottom and over the shoulder.


Baby beach shoes

Great protection from hot sand, cool water and sharp stones, neoprene booties like these are a great addition to the beach bag pack – and with an anti-slip sole they’re perfect for pool side too.


Towelling ponchos

Easy to pull on towelling ponchos make cuddling dry super easy, and with poppers to make quick arms, they’re also a handy extra layer if the warmth goes out of the sun.



Small blanket

An extra blanket to spread out for play, cover over for warmth, snuggle to sleep or a make-shift sun shade – always a useful addition.



Out and about

  Reversible zip-up tops

A clever jacket like this provides two looks for the packing of one, fab for covering up and keeping cosy at the end of the day


Cool dungarees

Teamed up with a lovely soft t-shirt or on their own, little ones can stay cool and comfy when you’re out and about.


 Convenient rompers

A good supply of easy wear rompers are both comfy and smart and of course very easy to pop in the wash.



Sleep time

 Cosy sleep suits

After such action packed days, it’s time for cosy comfort ready to settle down for a lovely night’s sleep.


Sleeping bags

A lighter weight sleeping bag will hopefully help to keep little ones snoozing a little longer, and help you enjoy a well earned holiday lie-in.


Get the clothes featured in this article here: http://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk/pu++baby-clothes+1


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Tanya Johnson

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