Daily Telegraph Recommends Tots To Travel For Family Friendly Villas

 In response to a reader’s letter this weekend (20th April 2013) asking for pool-safe family friendly villas in the Algarve, the Daily Telegraph recommended that “www.TotsToTravel.co.uk should be your first port of call.”

The reason that Tots To Travel is so wholeheartedly recommended in this article is because we are the only company providing family friendly villas  where all the pools that we feature have pool barriers to help keep your children safe.

Ever since my little boy Barnaby fell into an unenclosed swimming pool whilst on a family holiday we’ve made pool safety a number one priority. And since we set up Tots To Travel in 2006 I’ve learnt that tragedies involving swimming pools are sickeningly common.  It would ruin your day if I told you the numbers.

Our starting point is that every single property on the site has some sort of physical pool barrier as opposed to a simple pool alarm*.  That means either a fence or a hard cover.  No holiday villa makes it onto the website without some form of physical barrier.   In fact we turn out plenty of beautiful villas where the owners refuse to enclose their pools.

…And we are the only family friendly villa company that takes such an unwavering stance on this giving you peace of mind that your children will be safe.  This means that you can happily choose any one of our family friendly villas on the site that takes your fancy!

You’ll be relieved to know that we pulled Barnaby out of the pool and he is now a strapping 10 year old.  …And now we have an even more determined and speedy little 3 year old I am constantly reminded that having under-fives is no picnic…

*Don’t be fooled by the promise of a pool alarm (as is common in France).  The alarm is only triggered by the weight of an object falling into a swimming pool…and by this stage it could be too late.
We also believe that the key to having a successful family friendly villa holiday is your ability to relax, make a cup of tea or go to the loo without losing your child which is why we are so adamant that a pool barrier is our minimum safety level.

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Wendy Shand
Wendy Shand

Wendy Shand is the founding director of Tots To Travel, mum of three, award winning mumpreneur, traveler, business enthusiast and author of ‘The Mother of Invention’.

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