The Complete Guide to Corsica with Children


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Take a look at our complete guide to family friendly Corsica, with all the key information you need for planning a family holiday.

We’ll answer the following questions:

  • Where is family friendly Corsica?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it child friendly?
  • How do I get there?
  • Can you drink the water?
  • Will I need to bring a car seat/booster seat?
  • Where are the best beaches?
  • What is there for my family to do?
  • Are there family friendly restaurants?
  • Are there family friendly shops?

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Where is Corsica?

Corsica is an island belonging to France, based in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of France and north of Sardinia. It’s quite a mountainous island with spectacular scenery and beaches described as ‘comparable to those in the Caribbean’.

famiy friendly Corsica location

Photo source: Google Maps

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What’s the weather like?

Around the coast and flatter inland areas, Corsica usually experiences hot dry summers with mild winters. As you move towards the more mountainous regions, the weather remains hot during the summer days and a bit cooler at night. At the higher altitudes there is snow in the winter, meaning there is an opportunity to ski if you’d like to.

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Is it safe?

Corsica is very safe for families- crime rates are extremely low and even petty crime is very rare. The beaches are also very safe and most are ideal for younger children as the water is shallow, clean, clear and warm. It’s a good idea to bring some wet shoes or waterproof sandals however, as there can be a few patches of rocks with sea urchins at some of the beaches.

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Is it child friendly?

Corsica is perfect for families- locals absolutely love children and they are welcomed in restaurants and locations all over the islands. It’s worth noting that Corsican children normally eat at the same time, and eat the same things as their parents, however many restaurants are open for family-suitable meal times or offer kids menus.

You can also find baby food and nappies in most supermarkets, however the brands may differ from your usual at home.

Some of the wilder areas of the island are very rural and rocky so may not be suitable for pushchairs- do check before you venture out on any hikes!

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Can you drink the water?

Yes, the water is normally safe to drink and use for baby bottles, especially when boiled, although it does have a slightly different mineral content to the UK. Bottled water is available and very affordable throughout the island- you could use this to make baby bottles instead, but do double check the mineral content first, just be safe. Zilia and San Georges produce still bottled water, plus many supermarkets offer own brand cheaper alternatives.

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Will I need to bring a car seat/booster seat?

If you book to stay in family friendly Corsica with Tots to Travel then you won’t need to worry about this; the car hire is organised locally for you and all Tots bookings come complete with an appropriate car seat for the age of your child/children-however if you have a really tiny little one who requires a backward facing car seat, you’ll need to bring this yourself.

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Where are the best beaches?

There are many spectacular beaches to enjoy in family friendly Corsica…


8 minutes’ drive from Villa Pierre Paul

palombaggia- family friendly corsica

Recently voted one of the top beaches in Europe by The Times, this stunning white sand beach is lined with pine trees and scattered with red granite rocks. The sea is shallow and gradually deepens, with stunning clear and mild water that’s perfect for splashing about in. There are also lots of restaurants and bars available, some with sunbed hire.

Santa Giulia

8 minutes’ drive from Villa Pierre Paul & 20 minutes’ drive from Villa Sibylle.

Santa guilia family friendly corsica

Image source

A gorgeous horseshoe-shaped bay with translucent shallow water, Santa Giulia is ideal for families with little ones. There’s plenty of soft sand for sandcastles and incredible picture-perfect views to enjoy. There’s also lots of family facilities including bars, restaurants and even a patrolling lifeguard for added safety. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can hire pedalos from the pontoon!

La Tonnara

15-20 minutes’ drive from Villa Sibylle

Tonnara-family friendly corsica

Photo source: Tripadvisor

Another of Corsica’s lovely white sandy beaches, La Tonnara is unspoilt, idyllic and has stunning views of the small islands across the bay, home to sea bird colonies. It’s an ideal location for sandcastle making or paddling in the gently sloping water; you can stay all day if you’d like to as there is free parking and a small beach restaurant serving huge pizzas!

Calvi Beach and L’Ile Rousse Beach

Calvi and L’Ile Rousse are towards the Northern end of the island so it’s a bit of a drive from our current properties- great to visit if you’re exploring up that way though!

Calvi and L'Ille Rousse-family friendly corsica

Image Source

There are more soft sandy beaches to be found in the coastal town of Calvi, rumoured to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. The beach is again on a gently sloping gradient so the water is nice and shallow, plus lovely and warm, as the area is quite sheltered. There are lots of nearby restaurants, cafes and family friendly facilities, some on the beach itself. When you’ve finished on the beach then be sure to explore the town…

L’Ile Rousse Beach

Another beautiful town beach, L’Ile Rousse is usually patrolled by lifeguards making it a really safe location to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. It’s yellow sandy beaches and clear waters are perfect for enjoying with little ones and there are also lots of watersports activities in the area for those with older children.

Pinarello Beach

10 minutes’ stroll from Pinarello Apartments

Pinarello beach-family friendly corsica

With a breathtaking mountain backdrop, Pinarello beach has warm blue waters and soft sand for families to enjoy. Why not stay for a spot of lunch at one of the lovely beachfront restaurants or explore the nearby village of Pinarellu.

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What is there for my family to do?

There’s lots for families to enjoy during a visit to family friendly Corsica- if you can tear yourselves away from the pool that is!

Porto Vecchio

10 minutes’ drive from Villa Pierre Paul, 15 minutes’ drive from Villa Sibylle and Pinarello Apartments

Idyllic beaches, stunning mountain views, historic Old Town with cobbled streets, boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants plus many modern gift, food and clothing shops can all be found in Porto Vecchio. You can also pick up a really handy tour booklet in English from the tourist office or get hold of one of their kids trail ‘treasure hunts’ which has puzzles, secret codes, exciting characters and more.

Don’t miss a visit to The Porte Genoise or ‘Genoise Gate’ which has simply spectacular panoramic views of the harbour. You can also choose to take some wonderful boat trips from the Marina or explore the vibrant harbour for yourself (which has plenty of handy car parking spaces!) and then hop the fun mini train that travels into the Old Town- sure to be a hit with the kids!

Do remember however that shops shut between 12-3pm every day.


30 minutes’ drive from Villa Sibylle

Popular with visitors across the island, Bonifacio has some incredible medieval houses perched on the edges of impressive limestone cliffs- truly a sight to behold! Explore the Old Town with it’s narrow streets and historic architecture or take a trip to the chic marina filled with impressive yachts. There are also plenty of stunning and pristine beaches to explore in this area.

cliffs-family friendly corsica

Photo source

Bordemer Croisieres Day Tours

40 minutes’ drive from Pinarello Apartments

Choose from short coastal or day trip boat tours and travel around the Corsican coast, taking in the stunning views as you go. At lunch time the tour reaches a magical cove with crystal clear water where you can enjoy a dip and some refreshments/nibbles (included in the price) plus there’s also access to on-board loos and boat cabins which are ideal if the little ones need a bit of a nap.

Treetop Trail

40 minutes’ drive from Pinarello Apartments

Slightly more adventurous little ones can enjoy this exciting trip in the trees, which has courses suitable for ages 3+- ideal for pre-schoolers and older children. Clamber amongst ladders, trees and nets, take part in a workshop or even cross the River Solenzara during your experience.

A Cupulatta Tortoise Sanctuary

2-3 hours drive from our Corsica properties- well worth the journey though!

Europe’s largest tortoise and turtle sanctuary holds over 170 different species (around 3000 animals!) within the huge park, with rare tortoise and turtle breeds from all continents across the world! There is even a special nursery where you can see the newborn babies- sure to delight children and adults alike…

img2-family friendly corsica

Photo source

Horse and Donkey Rides

Horse and donkey rides are common all over the island, ideal for exploration. More confident riders can enjoy exploring some of Corsica’s hidden horse trails and little ones will love plodding along the beach on a patient donkey.

Aquarium de la Poudrier, Porto

About 4 hours drive from Villa Sibylle, Villa Pierre Paul and Pinarello Apartments

This aquarium is quite petite but is ideal for spending an afternoon in cool and calm surroundings, to have a break from the summer sun. There are lots of species to see (around 150) all native to the Golfe de Porto and little ones will love seeing the lively octopi and other aquatic life.

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Are there family friendly restaurants?

Many of the restaurants in Corsica are family friendly, as it’s usual for Corsican families to eat together. Here are just a few to get you going…

Gelateria L’art De La Glace, Porto Vecchio is an ice cream parlour that’s not to be missed- visit the gelateria for a wide range of reasonably priced ice cream flavours. Yum.

The V.O. Version Orginal, Porto Vecchio Marina is an ideal stop for parents who’d like to feed their children a bit earlier, as it’s open all afternoon. They have a delicious tapas-themed menu to enjoy.

Ferme Auberge Pozzo Di Mastri, Figari is a perfect place to enjoy hearty meals made with fresh vegetables from the restaurant garden. There’s a lovely decorated terrace to sit and relax with some Corsican wine whilst your kids play.

La Rouf, Pinarello is right on the beachfront and serves suitable food for all ages and tastes including some traditional Corsican dishes and sublime steak (for mum and dad) but also pizzas, burgers and other familiar foods (great for youngsters!)

family friendly corsica

Photo source

L’Anton PA, Figari has a warm and friendly atmosphere and is the perfect place to taste some classic Corsican dishes. There’s also a lovely terrace with views over the hills and it’s just 10 minutes from Villa Sibylle.

La Source, Pinarello is a great place to enjoy a sophisticated evening meal, with high standards of cuisine and stunning views across the bay.

Gracie Mille, Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio has a very relaxing vibe and is a family run restaurant that really gets what families are looking for. It’s just a 5 minute drive from Pinarello Apartments.

Le Bar Plage, Santa Giulia is ideal for breakfasts, lunches and snacks through till dinner. The restaurant absolutely welcomes little ones and offers spectacular views of the bay, particularly at sunset. There’s delicious seafood to enjoy and authentic pizza influenced by nearby Italy, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Les Trois Deux, Porto Vecchio offers sunbed hire so you can enjoy eating and drinking whilst you relax on the beach, as your little ones enjoy playing on the soft sand- the restaurant even provide special beach toys for your children to use! You can order food and drinks all day long and it’s of an excellent standard; fresh meats you can pick out yourself, fresh seafood, lots of vegetarian options, incredibly creative desserts, delicious Corsican wine and they have a special children’s menu. Just fab.

les trois deux family friendly corsica

Photo source: management: “jardin” (Jan 2013) via Tripadvisor

Le Petit Zin, Bastia is rumoured to have some of the best tasting burgers around. They also offer a variety of other dishes for non-burger fans, plus it’s slightly away from the crowds so is a good option for a bit of peace and quiet. The meals come in huge portions, so it’s ideal for any keen burger fanatics (or you might want to share!)

Plage de Palombaggia has a trio of beach restaurants that all serve fresh fish and other dishes at a reasonable price. It’s an excellent option for parents who’d like to spend a lazy afternoon/evening enjoying good local food and drink, whilst their little ones play feet away on the white sand.

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Are there family friendly shops?

There are lots of family friendly shops throughout Corsica and you shouldn’t struggle to find anything you need, although you may not be able to find the same brands as at home. Here are a couple of specialist baby shops:

A Casetta Loc: Rent baby equipment such as pushchairs, shade umbrellas, cots, car seats etc.

Baby Loc Corsica: Rent pushchairs, bassinets, travel cots, high chairs, bottle heaters etc.

That said, if you book with Tots you will find all the key baby equipment you’ll need on holiday already in your accommodation, thanks to our Essential Kit Guarantee– so no need to worry about renting any!

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