Planning your first family ski holiday…

Ski holidays with children inevitably do require a lot of planning, clobber and cash – but if you’ve always wanted to give skiing ago or if you love to ski and want to share the experience with your young family, there are simple and stress-free measures you can take to make sure you can all enjoy a brilliant first family skiing holiday together! Find out more…


Choosing a resort:

  • Always choose a family friendly ski resort – families will have different needs to other parties ski holidays and it’s important to stay somewhere that can cater for these requirements
  • Choose a resort that has plenty of apres-ski activities so there’s lots for little ones/non-skiers to enjoy
  • Think about when might be the best time to go – family ski during peak periods such as Christmas or February half term can be pricey, so do consider holidaying during off-peak periods such as the first couple of weeks of January, or any time in March and April when the resorts are also quieter with shorter queues
  • If you have young children, always opt for a resort that offers childcare otherwise you may not get much of a chance to ski yourself
  • It can be a good idea to travel with friends and family – children often feel more comfortable when experiencing something new if they’re surrounded by familiar faces and it can be handy to have a few other adults around to take turns with helping out
  • Choose accommodation that offers a variety of useful child-friendly extras – the family friendly ski options available from Tots to Travel include chalets equipped with a variety of useful child friendly perks such as snow buggies, sterilisers, toys and more
  • Choose a resort that has access to slopes that reflect the ability of everyone in your party – you don’t want anyone to struggle or to be bored!
  • Consider what facilities you’ll need – look into food options such as catering, supermarkets, restaurants etc. and see what’s available before you make your final choice


Little ones who want to ski…

  • Start making a list of all the things you’ll need for a family ski holiday as soon as possible, so you can keep adding to it as you think of new things and so you have plenty of time to get everything – read our family ski packing list to get started
  • If you have a child aged 3+ who would like to have a go at skiing, check that your chosen resort offers beginner-friendly pistes and ski schools
  • Many resorts offer special roped off area of the slopes called ‘The Magic Carpet’ where kids can start to practice and get used to the feeling of skis
  • Choosing a ski school that is used to dealing with British families can be a good idea if you have very young children who are learning how to ski. Always check that English-speaking instructors are available.
  • It can be a good idea to choose accommodation that is close to the ski school meeting point. This means you can easily help your little ones get sorted before they start for the day and your kids won’t be too exhausted from trekking across the resort before they’ve even started. It can also be a nightmare trying to carry all of their kit along too, so make your life easy by staying as close to the ski school as you can
  • Group lessons are always a better option for young children as opposed to private lessons, as half the fun is sharing the same experiences and excitement with new friends
  • If you’re holidaying during peak times, make sure you book ski lessons for your little one as soon as possible, as places do get booked up quite quickly
  • For little ones aged 5 and under, opting for half-day lessons may be more appropriate as young tots will get tired more quickly. Most family resorts do offer childcare which can take over and care for your tots in the afternoons, whilst you’re still up on the slopes
  • If you know you’re only going to be ski holidaying once or twice a year, consider renting children’s ski equipment rather than buying. Children grow out of expensive ski clothing/equipment very quickly, so hold off on investing unless you’re sure you’re going to get the use out of it. It might also be worth checking eBay or other auction sites as many people often cheaply sell kids ski kit that their own little ones have grown out of
  • Take your little ones to the dry slope before you go skiing on the real slopes for the first time – this can help little kids to feel more confident and comfortable with the equipment
  • Don’t feel guilty about leaving kids at a ski school. Ski schools often offer a variety of fun activities and a chance for little ones to have a laugh with new friends, so they’re bound to enjoy themselves. Ski schools always have experienced instructors on hand who will make sure your tot is completely safe and happy.
  • Try to be patient, some little ones instantly take to skiing but others simply don’t! Make sure your resort has plenty of other childcare options just in case your child really dislikes skiing or being on the slopes.
  • If your little ones are taking ski lessons then prepare the night before – you’ll need to know when and where the lessons are, how long they’ll last, whether childcare is provided afterwards and what your child will need for the day/lesson. If your child has any specific needs, then make sure these are communicated to their instructor and advise your child to tell the instructor if they are feeling too warm or chilly
  • Always get to ski lessons at least 15 minutes ahead of the start time, so you can sort your child out and make sure they have everything they need


Other Top Tips:

  • Pick up any ski lift passes/rental equipment/resort maps as soon as you can. There can be big queues at resorts and you don’t want to waste a day of your holiday waiting in line, so try to get up and get this sorted asap, ideally the day before you plan to start skiing if possible
  •  Keep an eye on the weather – very cold and wintery conditions can be difficult for little ones to cope with, so keep this in mind when organising what your tot will be doing and how long they’ll be outside. Make sure you bring lots of warm layers just in case, and schedule in lots of hot chocolate breaks if needed!
  • Just in case, at the start of the holiday agree a simple and obvious meeting point on the ski resort with your child, in the rare event that they get lost or become separated from others


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