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It’s really important to make sure you’ve got all the the neccessary travel documents when you embark on a family friendly holiday; check out our guide, to make sure you’ve got everything you need!



Remember that every person travelling in your party will need a passport- including babies! Find out how to renew or apply for a passport HERE, get advice about child passports HERE or check out our guide for taking your own baby passport photos HERE.

2. Visas

Depending what destination you are travelling to you may not need a visa (usually only if you’re leaving the EU, although this may change if Brexit comes into force), but be sure to check this in plenty of time before you’re due to leave.

3. Airline Tickets

Complete any online check-ins before you go and make sure you have all airline e-tickets/paper tickets/boarding passes/confirmation emails to hand.





4. API Information

On most specific flight routes (for example international flights from the UK) airlines are required to provide details about their passengers before travel is permitted. This is known as Advance Passenger Information (API). You will need to provide these details including gender, nationality, passport expiry date, country of passport issue, passport number, date of birth and full name for everybody travelling in your booking. Airlines will make this clear to you when you book your flights, but do make sure you’ve provided it in plenty of time so that you can travel hassle free.




5. Travel Pack/Accommodation Documents

If you’ve booked with us, make sure you download and print out your Tots Travel Pack, as this will include all the directions/important information you may need to know.  If you book elsewhere, do make sure you have all accommodation travel documents, confirmations and directions printed to take with you.

6. Car hire DVLA Code/Other Car Hire Documentation

Remember that new changes to the system mean you will now require an online DVLA code in order to hire your car. For more information, click HERE. If you’ve pre-organised your car hire or transfer, make sure you bring any confirmation travel documents along with you. If you can, organise car hire or transfers before you leave in order to avoid stressful queues at the airport and to get the best prices.




7. EHIC Cards

If you are travelling within the EU, make sure you get hold of a free European Health Insurance Card, just in case you need treatment abroad. You will still require travel insurance, but the card will enable you to have access to any state provided healthcare that’s available in your destination, should you require it. You can get them HERE and must be responsible for organising cards on behalf of any travellers under 16 years old. If you’re concerned about whether the outcome of the EU referendum affects your EHIC card, the government advice is that for the time being, these are still perfectly valid.

8. Insurance Policies

Remember to organise your holiday insurance before you go. We recommend Holiday Extras, who also allow you to organise airport parking. If you’re not convinced you need holiday insurance, check out our advice.

9. Itineraries

If there are any specific places you’d like visit or activities you’d like to have a go at it might be worth making a note of these so you can find them easily once you arrive. If you’ve pre-booked any activities, make sure you bring details and confirmation of these.




10. Important Contacts

Make a list of any important contact details you might need on holiday, such as your holiday provider or local medical care at your destination.

11. Credit Cards and ID

Don’t forget to bring any credit cards or other forms of ID you might need for your holiday.

12. Foreign Currency and Travel Cheques

Give yourself plenty of time to get hold of foreign currency before you’re due to leave. Don’t keep this all in one place- break up any foreign currency into smaller bundles within your packing just in case.




13. Prescription Medication Documentation

If you or your child requries prescription medicine or have any other medical requirements then be sure to bring a doctors note, just in case. This also applies to special types of milk/fluid your child may require during the flight, so do speak to your doctor before you fly.

14. Make Copies

It’s always a good idea to make copies of any important documents you bring on holiday, just in case. Make at least two copies; an extra to take with you and one to leave at home.


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