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Walking off to the boulangerie en famille to pick up warm, fresh pain au chocolat is just one of the many joys of a family holiday in France.  Pain au chocolate, pain au raisin, croissant and baguettes are all French food kids love!

But if you are worried your little lovely will be living off chocolate croissants for a week or two on holiday then let us help you with a few more ideas.

There’s plenty of fabulous French foods kids will love whilst on a family holiday in France.

We have put our heads together (and had some help from an inside experts who lives in France – our Mum in France Wendy J who has 2 young children) and have come up with a list of French food kids love and doesn’t require them to tuck into anything too adventurous.

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French food kids love

1. Fougasse – Delicious crunchy bread to pull apart – flavoured with olives, lardons or just herbs. Great for little ones to gum on.

2. Rillettes – Like a pate – duck or pork usually and sometimes salmon, very tasty popped on bread!

3. Olives and saucisson! – yummy nibbles to pop on a plate with some baguette and fresh fruit

4. Crepes – You’ll always find a crepe restaurant – especially in Brittany – and they can have one for main course (made with Sarrasin / Buckwheat flour) and one for pud, so crepes galore!

5. Sirop – If you don’t want to pay for expensive bottles of juice each time you go into a restaurant or bar- ask for a “sirop” – cordial – every flavour from Mint (looks like squashed frogs and tastes like toothpaste) through to strawberry / orange – just about everything…closest you’ll get to a squash.

6. Nutella… something yummy to dip chunks of banana and strawberries in.

7. Cheese This is a great opportunity to try out some new cheeses – our kids love Brie, Camembert or soft goats cheese smoothed over some crusty bread.

8. Veggies – Generally veg in France (like green beans) aren’t served naked like in England, they are usually cooked then tossed in butter and then served with little onions or lardons which generally makes them much more appetising for little people!

9. Couscous – lots of dishes with Moroccan influence in the South of France and couscous is often a firm favourite with children.

10. Gougeres – Basically a cheese puff which can be served hot or cold.  Small round puffs of pastry filled a tasty cheese that kids will love.  Great for picnics or afternoon snacks.

11.  Croque Monsieur – This is just a hot ham and cheese toastie, which is something your child is probably fairly used to eating!

12. Fondue – Such an exciting way to eat food! Children will like this because they are able to choose what it is they want to dip in the cheeses and other dipping sauces.

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Been to France with little ones?  What was their fave dish?  Did they tuck happily into things on holiday they wouldn’t touch on holiday?  We’d love to hear from you.

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    Cathy Winston
    March 6, 2014 / 2:23 pm

    Crepes and boulangeries are a lifesaver – taking my toddler to Paris, it was great to know we could always grab something while we were out and about. Although pain aux raisins was a definite favourite all round…

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