Glamorous Travel (Even with kids!!)

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‘Glamorous travel for mums? It’s not possible!!’ I hear you cry.

But with the right guidance and know-how, these tips with have you looking both stylish AND practical as you jet off to your dream destination…

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Wear a hat

It’s sun safety savvy for when you arrive, can hide messy hair and wearing it on the plane means you won’t have to squash it up into your case. To help keep it in place as you drag along the children, you could use a couple of hair slides, but remember to take these out when you’re going through security!

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Choose ballet flats over trainers

Trainers are comfy but a real hassle to get out of if you need to at security and flip flops are a nightmare for walking up plane steps. Opt for some neutral toned ballet flats that you can easily pop on and off at a moment’s notice.

ballet pumps


Upon arrival hide your child-induced eye bags and be sun safe with a nice pair of sunnies! Fashionable and practical…

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Wear a pashmina

It looks sophisticated, you can use it to hide baby sick stains and it can double up as a blanket, blackout blind or baby carrier en route. Fab.

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One statement jewellery piece

It’ll look chic and you can easily remove it if need be. If you choose a piece that doesn’t have any choking hazards it can also double up as a toy to keep baby entertained.


A stylish bag

There are plenty of mum-friendly bags available, to help keep things organised. Choose a simple and classy design to finish your look in a family friendly way- PacaPod make some really great designs that also look stylish.

firenze_putty PacaPod bag

Image source: PacaPod

Avoid wearing jeans

They’ll get stiff after sitting too long or if you spill something on them, plus they are a nightmare to try and wiggle out of when you’ve got a baby strapped to your chest in a tiny public loo. Choose light and floating layered fabrics that are comfortable, practical and won’t show stains.

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Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson is the Social Media Manager at Tots to Travel, Mum of 2, lover of France & Greece, talented knitter and loves any kind of crafting with her girls.

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