Hacks for Poorly Babies and Exhausted Parents

hacks for poorly babies and exhausted parents

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The start of a new year, the aftermath of Christmas madness, getting kids back to school for a new term,getting back into work… January can be a hectic month so it’s likely you’re left feeling tired, achy and just about ready to throw the towel in- but as we all know, parenting means that’s just not an option!

If you’ve got aches and pains, feel weary or have a little one who has come down with the snuffles, then read on for some useful hacks and products that could really help!

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Hacks for Infants with a cold

child cold flu hacks

Five need to know hacks:

  • Ensure your child is hydrated; with milk when younger than 4 months, a little water at 4-6 months and watered down fruit juice at 6 months+
  • If a baby with a cold is crying a lot, it may well be because they simply can’t blow their own nose! Keep an eye on bunged up babies, and do what you can to relieve them
  • Elevate your child’s head whilst they sleep, by placing a couple of towels beneath their pillow/mattress, or placing books under cot legs. This will help relieve their postnatal drip
  • Wash both you and your child’s hands often, to prevent disease spreading
  • When wiping your child’s nose, avoid tissues as these can irritate the gentle skin around their nostrils. Instead, use a warm wet cloth (that you must wash regularly)

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Five Super Useful Product Hacks:

Dentinox Medicine Dispenser Dummy

If your infant refuses to take medicine on a spoon, this dummy could be the solution- your little one can suck the linctus through the dummy teat, or you can use the ‘dummy plunger’ so that they instantly take the whole dose.

Learn more here: http://www.dentinox.co.uk/products/dentinox-medicine-dispenser.ashx

Calpol Nasal Spray

This natural product does not contain any medication, and simply soothes and clears a blocked nose. It’s also great for alleviating hayfever and it’s suitable to use from birth, so is perfect for helping to relieve really little ones.

Learn more here: http://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/calpol-soothe-and-care-saline-nasal-spray-drops

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Using a room vapour or humidifier can really help a child with a cold. This Vicks product is very popular with mums and comes with benefits such as a low-noise setting, compatibility with Vicks menthol pads to help relieve cold symptoms further and a 40-60% reduction of virus survival rate, helping to stop your little one’s cold spreading amongst the rest of the family.

Learn more here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vicks-VH750-Warm-Mist-Humidifier/dp/B00H5A0IUA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1446812942&sr=8-4&keywords=B000LN5FYW|B003XQIJS8|B003XQNDH0|B0045XA94K|B00GFZ2390|B00H5A0IUA|B010K791KC

Snufflebabe vapour rub and other products

Ranging from an excellent vapour rub, to oils, spray and even a nasal aspirator, Snufflebabe products are also a popular choice with mums. The vapour rub in particular is award-winning and uses gentle oil blends to relieve congestion and help baby sleep more soundly.

Learn more here: http://vicks.com/en-us/browse-products/humidifiers-steam-inhalers/v750-warm-mist-humidifier

The Baby nose-clear Vapour-ring

This product is designed to help clear baby’s nose while they feed. The rings attach to bottles and provide a natural essential oil gentle vapour, making it easier for your little one to feed without feeling too bunged up or getting upset! It’s worth noting however, this product does not fit onto Tommee Tippee bottles.

Read more here: http://babyworld.co.uk/reviews/4little1-baby-nose-clear-vapour-ring-review/

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Hacks for Exhausted Parents:

exhausted parent hacks

Five Top Product Hacks:

Aching Muscles

If you’ve lugged one too many Christmas boxes back upstairs, then grab yourself some Deep Freeze patches. You can pop them on under your clothes in seconds, and the cooling properties sooth achy or swollen areas, meaning they are ideal for providing relief on the go.

Read more here: http://www.boots.com/en/Deep-Freeze-x-4-Patches_44873/

Tired Skin

Your skin might be feeling dry and tight for lots of reasons; stress, lack of sleep or lack of time to properly moisturise being just for a few! For a perfect pick-me-up try the hugely popular Origins GinZing Energy boosting moisturiser, and get your glow back so you can start to feel human again!

Get it here: http://www.origins.co.uk/product/10950/26237/Skincare/Range/GinZing/GinZing/Energy-boosting-moisturizer/index.tmpl

Sore eyes

If your eyes are feeling tired and sore, you must get yourself a decent eye spray. I spend a lot of time looking at screens, as many of us do, meaning my eyes often feel dry and tired. My absolutely favourite relief product (and believe me I’ve tested many, including well known eye brands) has to be Boots irritated eye mist, which is easy to pop in a handbag and really does help my eyes feel much better in seconds! Plus it’s not too pricey. Fab.

Get it here: https://www.boots.com/boots-eye-mist—dry-irritated-eyes-preservative-free-10245343


If you’re not keen on taking painkillers, Acumed Patches are a popular drug-free alternative. Users have reported significant relief to all sorts of aches and pains and the patches can be worn all the time, even in the shower. If fatigue or stress is causing headaches that are getting you down, this could be the perfect option.

Buy them here: http://www.boots.com/en/Acumed-Patches-12-Patches_2225/

Eye bags

If shrieking children are keeping you up at night, it’s more than likely that you’ve got eye bags. A good eye cream to slather on quickly in the morning is key- I’m a big fan of Soap and Glory’s Puffy Eye Attack which aims to reduce those bags straight away!

Learn more here: http://www.soapandglory.com/puffy-eye-attacktm

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Five top hacks to give you some energy!

  • Watch something funny- studies show that laughter can make you feel less tired! So click on that cat video, completely guilt-free…
  • Eat some chia seeds on yoghurt for an energy boost without the caffine jitters
  • Or better yet, eat some chocolate! Chocolate contains cocoa which in turn contains flavonoids, which are proven to boost your mood and your brain power. Yum!
  • Sing whilst you clean- Singing as loudly and cheerfully as you can has been proven to boost endorphins and make you feel better. So go on… I know you all know the words to ‘Let it Go’.
  • I really quite dislike people who say you should exercise more but unfortunately it is true- you’ll feel much better for it! If you just can’t face the gym, take up an unusual active hobby or even just make small changes at home such as having a go at the Wii Zumba fitness game (when only baby is around to watch, obviously).

 *OPTIONAL BONUS HACK* To maintain some mental stability, drink gin. Health benefits= none. Mental benefits= too many to count.

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