Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids! Check out these scrummy recipes…

summer snacks for kids - fruit salad with star watermelon and blueberries

Check out these ideas for some really healthy and yummy snacks to feed your little ones this summer! Colourful, fun and nutritious, they’re sure to be a hit…


Veggie Rainbow Wraps by Kathy Patalsky

summer snacks - rainbow veggie wrap

Picture belongs to Kathy Patalsky

These colourful wraps are just packed with healthy veggies – not only do they look really cool but they taste great too! Cut into slices to use as snacks, or use a whole wrap for a full meal.

View the full recipe here.


Fresh Fruit Watermelon Pizza by Thrifty Diva

Summer snacks- fresh fruit pizza

Picture from Thrifty DIY Diva

Doesn’t this fresh fruit pizza look delicious? A really fun way to encourage little ones to eat more fruit, why not let your tots decorate their own slices themselves!

View the full recipe here.

Three Ingredient Banana Peanut Cookies by Tiffany from Feel Great in 8

summer snacks - banana peanut butter cookies

Photo from Feel Great in 8

Perfect for a quick snack or even breakfast on the go, these cookies only require three nutritious ingredients. Really simple to throw together, they’re low fat, super yummy and are sure to be a hit with little ones (and grown up ones)!

View the full recipe here.


Melon fruit pops by Naomi Robinson

Summer snacks - melon pops

These fun and fruity pops are really refreshing! With a lovely design that’s sure to attract the attention of your tots, these cheery treats are a great alternative to sugar-filled ice lollies.

View the full recipe here.


Coconut Oil PopCorn by Maggie N

Summer snacks - coconut oil popcorn with sea salt

Photo by Maggie N

A delicious and healthier alternative to regular popcorn, sprinkled with sea salt and made using coconut oil, this popcorn is the perfect snack for little ones to munch on during the summer months.

View the full recipe here.


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