Flying by Private Jet- It’s Not Out of Reach!

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Hiring a private jet to reach your holiday destination may seem like a slightly extravagant option – however there are lots of benefits, particularly for families! Although private planes are indeed luxurious, the real benefits of private travel are convenience, reliability and efficiency…

Private travel quotes can be surprisingly reasonable, and it’s the ideal option for families looking for flexible travel to luxury locations, such as to our fabulous family-friendly Crete resorts.

Travel affordably, conveniently and in style; what’s not to like? Read on to see why flying a private jet could be the right choice for your family…

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Check-in Time

Many private jet airlines require you to check in just 15 minutes before the flight is due to leave- avoid the stress of having to get everyone ready on time or hanging around in an airport 2 or 3 hours before departure.


Schedule your flights on your own terms- choose where you want to fly from, where to fly to, the date and the time that best suits your family. You also have the flexibility to change any of these plans if you need to, even en-route!


Dealing with airports and flights can be very stressful, and it really takes away from the relaxing holiday you have planned. Avoid this by flying privately, and arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to enjoy your trip.

Time Saving

Avoid waiting around in patience-testing airport delays and queues, both of which can particularly be a bit of a nightmare when you have young children! Simply arrive at the airport, meet your pilot and off you go…


You won’t have to worry about controlling toddler tantrums or trawling a pushchair through intense crowds; simply saunter through VIP private jet terminals and on to your plane, where you can make as much noise as you like.

Ease of Transfers

When you arrive at your destination, many private jet providers will have a private car ready and waiting at the aircraft’s steps. Staff will personally load and unload your luggage so you can head straight off, avoiding the hassle at baggage reclaim or the stress of worrying whether all your kit and caboodle has safely arrived. There’s plenty of room of baby and toddler equipment on-board, so you’ll never need to worry about pushchair or car seat related restrictions.

Choose Your Ideal Airport

Getting to busy departure airports can often be part of the battle- when you fly privately, you can choose to leave from a smaller or nearer airport and avoid heavy traffic or the clamour for a parking space. If you choose to fly from a commercial airport, many of these provide special parking areas (which are usually free and extra secure) for private jet customers.

Empty Leg Deals

One study conducted by the founder of JetSmarter app discovered that around 30% of private jets travel empty, on their way to pick up a customer or returning to a base. These flight routes are available at a much cheaper price (sometimes around 50-75% off or more!), so you could bag yourself an excellent deal!

You can also save money by avoiding repositioning costs- find out where your aircraft is located and fly from there. Some private jet flights in Europe can cost around £1000 at full price, but just £250 at an empty leg price.

Easy to Board

Getting through the security lines can be a fiasco with children- there are all sorts of concerns about what you can wear, queues, what you can bring, waking your child up if they are asleep and more. If you travel by private jet, although staff have the right to search passenger bags, there are usually no X-ray machines, queues or removal of shoes etc. to be worrying about.

Customers will usually be greeted by their captain personally, who will check their ID. You won’t have to worry about connecting planes or running late- the aircraft will simply wait for you and take you wherever you need to go.

Inflight Bliss

You can pre-order whatever food and drinks you think you’d like on-board before you go, so you won’t need to worry about going hungry or having cash to hand for inflight meals. There are also plenty of connections for electronic devices and usually gadgets such as TVs or sound systems to make the journey as pleasant as possible!

You can walk around as you please during the flight, and many flights can also make up beds for sleepy passengers.

Saving Money

Travelling to commercial airports, dealing with extra luggage costs, transfers when you arrive… the costs of flying commercially do add up, even when you’ve chosen an affordable airline. Travelling on a private jet has none of these hidden extras, and the flexibility of private travel often means that on the ground costs can be cut down.

You can also save money if you’re travelling in a big group- rather than individually booking everyone a seat, if everyone contributes to booking a private plane together then you’ll find there is little difference in cost, but a much more luxurious and convenient journey for all.

It’s also worth seeing if any other chartered flights going to the same location have spare seats- some leisure travellers won’t mind sharing as the cost will be divided between you all, making it cheaper for everyone on-board.

Quicker Journey

Private jets are designed to be smaller and faster, so you’ll reach cruise height more quickly and thus arrive at your destination more quickly, meaning you can really make the most of your holiday! They can also climb slightly higher, meaning they can more easily avoid bad weather.

Winter Weather

Speaking of bad weather, everyone is aware of the hassle and delays that really bad winds/snow can cause for air travel. In some circumstances, traveller’s journeys are delayed by days, causing huge amounts of inconvenience and upset.

If you fly privately you won’t have to worry about flight cancellations or being left in the lurch- as soon as it’s safe to fly, your private jet will get you to your destination!

Best for Tots

There are lots of advantages to travelling privately when you have young children. You have full control of your jet’s temperature settings meaning you can keep your little ones cosy or cool as required, plus you can avoid any of the airborne cold viruses that circulate during commercial flights, meaning your kids will be fit and healthy for your holiday!

You can even arrange for books and toys to be waiting on-board and in-flight entertainment can be used from the moment you board the plane, unlike commercial planes, meaning the journey will (quite literally!) fly by as your kids are completely entertained. Kids also have the opportunity to meet the pilot or visit the flight deck; a novel and exciting experience for little travellers!

Travel to Crete

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If you’re planning on visiting the stunning luxury family-friendly resort of Domes of Elounda, then travelling via private jet could be the perfect option! See below for some handy links…

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