Holiday insurance- do you really need it?

It can be tempting to skip purchasing holiday insurance when there’s just two of you heading off on a whim- but when there’s children involved, things change.

Check out some of the reasons to strongly consider buying family holiday insurance…

1. Illness is pretty common

In the lead up to your holiday it can be extremely stressful worrying that your kids might fall ill just before you’re due to leave. Apart from wrapping them in bubble wrap and locking them in a padded isolation room (not recommended) there’s really not much you can do to stop this- but you can protect yourself from additional costs.

If you need to amend your holiday, change flight times, seek medical advice abroad or even cancel your holiday altogether, rest assured that your family holiday insurance will protect you from unforeseen fees.

2. Some policies cover children for free

You can get some excellent family holiday insurance policies online, many of which offer special discounts for families such as free cover for children. Be sure to do your research and compare not only prices, but also the benefits that different packages can offer you in terms of cover.

3. Changing fees can be awful

If you do need to change elements of your holiday plans such as your flight departure date, this can come with some pretty hefty fees which are charged separately for every single member of your family that the change affects. Cover yourself by taking out insurance as soon as possible after you’ve booked your holiday so you have immediate protection against extra fees if something does need changing.

4. Avoid ending up going it alone

Even other insurances such as credit card accident cover or private health insurance doesn’t cover most travel emergencies, meaning if you do need medical care on holiday this could cost you thousands of pounds- for example if you’re holidaying in Spain and your little one trips and breaks their arm (easily done) treatment could set you back over £11,000 if you don’t have insurance.

If a more serious accident occurs on holiday you could be looking at bills of over £100,000 and it’s unlikely that the British Consulate will help you if you haven’t taken out insurance- so don’t end up going it alone- although it’s very unlikely you’ll have an emergency on holiday, take out family health insurance so you’ll be covered, just in case.

5. Family holiday insurance can help you in other ways too

You can also get family holiday insurance packages that cover all sorts of holiday mishaps, from lost/damaged luggage to stolen mobile phones. You can even get help if you miss a departure due to situations outside of your control, such as your car won’t start or there is a road accident holding up the traffic.

It’s ABSOLUTELY worthwhile getting family holiday insurance- hopefully you won’t need it, but you can sleep much easier knowing that if something does go wrong you can get the assistance you need without any hefty unexpected fines involved.

To find out what you should look for in an ideal family holiday policy, check out the following guide: 

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