Tips for keeping your home safe whilst you’re travelling



It can be a bit nerve wracking to head off on holiday knowing that you’re leaving your home empty and vulnerable.

So what can you do to help keep your home safe? Find out below!


Keep your home safe: Get an up-to-date security system

There are plenty of fantastic security systems now available to buy, equipped with everything from motion detectors to smoke alarms. You can even organise to have these connected to your smart phone/device if you’d prefer, so you can have peace of mind during your getaway.



Keep your home safe: Ask somebody to pet/house sit

If you’d prefer to have somebody stay in your house or to visit each day to check on things whilst you’re away, ask somebody to pet/house sit or at least to pop in everyday to feed your pet and water the plants. This means there is always somebody around to keep an eye on things! If need be, try bribery with sweet treats and the promise of holiday presents to coerce someone into helping you out.



Don’t advertise an empty house

In the digital age where everyone takes to social media to share experiences, it can be tempting to post updates from your holiday whilst you’re away- this is fine, but if you’re going to do so then make sure your account is set to private, so you’re not advertising an empty home on the internet.



Keep your home safe: Leave something on

If you’re really concerned about going away and leaving an empty house behind, create the illusion that somebody is still at home by leaving lights or even a TV/radio on if you’ll only be away for a short while. Do keep in mind that this isn’t particularly energy friendly or cost efficient, but it may give you the protection you need. A good idea can be to consider buying a light timer, which will turn your lights on and off in accordance to when you set it to, giving the illusion that someone is home whilst also helping to keep costs down.



Keep your home safe: Notify a neighbour

Even if you can’t persuade someone to house sit for you, tell a neighbour that you’ll be going away. They can keep an eye on your home and collect any discarded letters that might be left outside- a key signal that nobody is at home.



Keep your home safe: Hide the spare key

Stashing your spare key in the plant pot or under the doormat isn’t fooling anybody, especially thieves- keep it inside or give it to a neighbour for safe keeping whilst you’re away.



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Wendy Johnson

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