Keeping valuables safe when on a family holiday

Keeping your valuables safe on holiday, a boy holds up his iPhone in the pool

Keeping track of your tots on holiday is often challenge enough, let alone keeping an eye on your valuables! Check out our top tips for keeping valuables safe during family holidays, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about…


Create a list

One of the best ways to return with all the valuables you left with is to know exactly what you brought with you in the first place.

Thanks to the sheer volume of various gadgets we’re expected to own nowadays (think iPods, tablets, phones, games consoles, laptops and more!) it can be so easy to leave something in a draw or lose something down the side of a sofa at the hotel- especially with mischievous tots running around and moving things- so do bring a checklist that you can refer back to when it’s time to depart.


Supervise your Tots

We all know that tots like playing with just about anything they can get their little hands on and at some point during your holiday it’s likely you’ll find some sort of tablet/phone/camera/device in their clutches – just make sure you keep a beady supervisory eye on your little ones, so that said device doesn’t end up forgotten on a sunbed or lost in the pool!


Share the load

If you’re travelling with your partner, split the valuables between your two bags. This way you’ve still got access to phones/money or any other valuables even if something happens to one of your bags.

Keeping your valuables safe on holiday, a red bag with tassles sits on the floor with flowers in the background

Only take what you need

Quite simply only bring what you’ll actually need- keep valuables safe by leaving them at home if you don’t really think you’ll use them anyway.


Don’t be an obvious tourist

Although most European cities are reasonably safe, they often still do have pickpockets or petty thieves keeping an eye out for unprepared tourists. Avoid flashing gadgets and currency around and try to ‘blend in’ as much as you can to prevent yourself from becoming an easy target, particularly if you seem distracted as you care for your tots.


Keep your bag where you can see it

It’s often convenient to sling your bag into an unoccupied pushchair, we’re all guilty of it – but be wary of doing so. Try to keep your bag where you easily see and reach it at all times, just to be sure you don’t get caught out when your attention is elsewhere.

Keeping valuables safe on holiday - a mother bends over her pushchair stroller that has a bag hanging off the back

Leave your laptop

If you don’t really need to bring your laptop then leave it – it’s just another thing to have to think about and be responsible for, so if you can bear to be without it, just leave it locked safely at home.


Don’t bring expensive jewellery

Similarly if you don’t need it, don’t bring it. If you do really need to take expensive jewellery or gadgets, it can be a good idea to confirm that there will be a secure safe in your accommodation, particularly if you’re staying in a hotel.


Don’t keep all your money and cards in the same place

Split your money between members of your party, your purses, your pockets and even leave some back in the hotel safe – this way if your bag does get lost or stolen, not everything goes with it!


Photocopy your passport and important documents

It’s always worth bringing along a photocopy of your passport and any other important documents with you on holiday, so if these do go walk-about you’ll still have evidence, which can really help speed up the process of replacing these abroad.


Get travel insurance

Always make sure you take out a travel insurance policy that covers the cost of all of your valuables. Hopefully you won’t need it, but for peace of mind it’s certainly worth the few pounds it costs to know it’s there if you need it.

Keeping your valuables safe on holiday holiday insurance a red car sits on top of five 50 Euro notes


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