Keeping Kids Entertained on Long Car Journeys



The promise of a glorious long bank holiday weekend is an open invite to pack up the car and drive.

Here are just a few ideas for some in-car entertainment to keep you sane!


 Mini Toy Bags

Pack up two or three smallish draw string bags (or any type of bag) with a selection of books, toys, pens, stickers and a few new surprises. Pop these in the back seat for your kids to dig into during the journey.

Jam Jar Treasure

Fill a clear glass jar with a mix of snacks and treats to keep kids intrigued and hunger at bay. You could try sweets and wrapped chocolates, healthy snacks like raisins or even come up with a theme such as ‘Pirates treasure’ (gold coins and chocolate skulls are great for this).

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Good Old Sing-a-long

Have a good supply of favourite and new song CDs or play lists ready to play in bursts throughout your trip – and to retain a little sanity, make sure you know how to fade the volume to the back before you set out.

Audio Books

Visit the library to stock up on a new selection of stories to listen to, if you’re looking to entertain both toddlers and older children, get a good balance to suit both ages.

Spot the car

For a car game that requires a little less hard work for you, tell your kids to try and be the first to spot a number of travel-related objects on the journey. Try simple ‘spots’ like cows or bridges for younger ones, or road signs and speed limits for older kids- educational as well as fun!

Storyboard Sun blinds

The Koo-di Koo-di story blind is a great choice for long car journeys; not only does it shade little ones from the sun so that they can snooze for longer, it also features a series of stick-on felt shapes so kids can create their own stories when they’re awake.


Tots Top Tip: Don’t be techno terrified!

Don’t be afraid to use technology to keep kids entertained on long car journeys- it’s easy and effective.

We suggest…

  • Pick a film before you go, and play it on a tablet during the journey
  • If you only have one tablet, get hold of a headphone divider, so that your kids can share. These come in a variety of fun colours and shapes, and can really help avoid squabbles!
  • Download some kid-friendly apps; here is a list from the Guardian, to give you some ideas:
  • Use Spotify’s kid section for a variety of children-friendly tunes and stories- you  can even make a playlist, or let your little ones create their own. You can play these through tablets/phones/laptops or use Bluetooth to play it through your car speakers (if you can stand it!).


Get some more inspiration from the Wooden Toy Shop’s wonderful infographic here:


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