Kids craft ideas for October half term

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Tot’s to Travel Mum’s favourite kids craft ideas and activities, quick and simple solutions to bust any half term boredom!

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With half term fast approaching and the winter chill beginning to creep in, taking the children out to play is starting to become an unreliable option.

It is easy to entertain your children by scheduling expensive days out or using television as a default indoor activity, so if you are wondering how to captivate your kids of all ages with fun, imaginative activities without spending a fortune over the next week or two, fear not, we are at your service!

We’ve put our heads together to compile a list using some of our favourite budget friendly boredom busters, to ensure your children of all ages, have a fun, memorable half term with you this year.
The majority of our kids craft ideas and activities won’t cost a penny and consist largely of items you will already have lying around at home. Nothing complicated and it is amazing how much fun children get out of simple activities led by you!

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Some of our kids craft ideas;

  • Halloween crafts

With Halloween around the corner, why not get the children to participate in a creative themed day? You could spend time drawing and painting pumpkins, black cats or witches. If you have any string lying around, you could also get your children to design Halloween themed masks on paper, cut them out (with assistance if necessary) ready for them to wear (or scare!)

  • Witches potions

Maintaining the Halloween theme, why not ask the children to concoct their best witches potion idea? Use an empty bottle or container for the potion contents and then let the children use anything you have around the house to make the potion! We have tried food colouring, salt, old spices, baking soda and vinegar – a particular winning combo as it fizzes! Why not get the children’s creative juices flowing and ask them to make up a name and design a label for their potions too?!

  • Dress up

All children adore picking out costumes to dress up in, whether that be their favourite superhero, princess or pirate outfit, role play is a fantastic and entertaining way to engage with your children this half term – bound to create hours of enjoyment, using different scenarios and roles for children to play and brownie points for you joining in on the action and dressing up too!

  • Robots

Recycle any shoe boxes, cereal boxes, toilet roll, empty egg boxes, (these work particularly well for eyes or control buttons) and use tin foil to cover the robot. Then let them loose with old buttons, sequins, pasta, glitter or anything you can get your hands on to decorate and create something truly unique! Hours of futuristic fun to be had!

  • Can it float?

Fill a deep glass or transparent bowl with water, then ask your children to choose objects from around the house to see whether they would sink or float.
To raise the stakes even higher, you could create a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ chart to track the children’s answers, acquiring a tick for each object they guess correctly! This is a great way to teach your children some simple Science whilst having fun!

  • Cookie cutting

Baking with your children is one of the most therapeutic ways to bond – kids absolutely adore being little helpers in the kitchen. So why not make something easy like cookie dough together?
Kids will love rolling out the dough with you and choosing which shapes to cut their cookies in to before popping them in the oven to bake!
If you have any icing for decorations, you can extend this activity even further, allowing your children to decorate all their cookies once they’ve cooled!

  • Mystery art

Take a white wax crayon and draw on white paper, then simply paint over to reveal a secret message or drawing! This is a great one for children of all ages, you can switch papers before painting and surprise one another with your messages or drawings!

  • Indoor picnic

An old classic and favourite of my own – ask your children to invite their teddies/dolls/action figures to a tea party, lay out a blanket on the floor and you provide the sandwiches and snacks for a special lunchtime treat.
Children love breaking the norm, so it is particularly rewarding for them to use a regular space, such as the floor, for an every day activity. This would probably be best during baby’s afternoon nap!

  • Autumn leaves

Take autumn leaves of different shapes and sizes from the garden and allow the creativity to flow! There are a variety of kids craft ideas that can all be done using leaves. You can pop them under a piece of paper and allow children to colour over the top or use paints for leaf printing. For older children, why not ask them to make a collage using different leaves, draw/paint a leaf they have collected from the garden or any kids craft ideas you can come up with!
This is a fantastic way for children to see the shapes and textures of different leaves come to life. Entertaining whilst teaching your children about the Seasons too!

  • Build a secret fort!

Use four chairs and blankets or towels to make the roof, floor and walls to create an indoor play tent with your children. This will provide hours of fun for them to role play with toys or hide out together in their new den!

These are just a few of our favourite suggestions, but if you use other methods to entertain your kids indoors over the coming holiday, we would love to hear about them!

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Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson

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