10 Kids You’ll Spot at Every Christmas Party

10 Christmas

So which Christmas party personality is your child? Or are they something else entirely? Let us know in the comments section…

Buffet Snuffler

The Buffet Snuffler child has sussed that the party buffet is laden with treats and is most definitely open for business all night- you can usually spot a Snuffler via smeared chocolate about the mouth, or a solitary tiny hand reaching up from beneath the gingham table cloth…

Christmas buffet eater child

Photo Source: www.waywardgirlscrafts.com

Glitter Princess

Glitter Princess has got it all- the sparkly ballet shoes, the sparkly dress, the sparkly bag, the sparkly hair bow- and she’s rocking it. A visual representation of Christmas cheer, you’ll find her twirling prettily on the dance floor in a haze of shimmering NEXT-sourced glory.

Child in sparkly dress

Photo Source: https://img1.etsystatic.com/057/1/8568352/il_fullxfull.712419417_ru6j.jpg

Dancing Pro

We all know that child who gives their all at family party discos; dancing pro is at it again, with the best moves in the room! Putting parents to shame, they’ll strut their stuff all night long to the Christmas party tune classics.

toddler dancing

Photo Source: novelhill.com

Knee Skidder

Probably in cahoots with Dancing Pro, Knee Skidder has given up on the dance moves in favour of a more elaborate art; throwing themselves bodily across the dance floor on their knees. Often found in the male variety, and in packs of 2 or 3.

toddler partyPhoto Source: Recording of William Stokkebroe via www.telegraph.co.uk


This teary tot is not quite feeling the party. Sobbing on Santa’s knee, sobbing when presented with party food, sobbing when taken out for air- definitely accompanied by a stressed (and almost sobbing) parent!

Crying baby santa

Photo credit: Melissa Rodriguez via www.10news.com


Missing mince pies? Violent popping of balloons? A moustache drawn on sleeping Grandad? Troublemaker child is prowling the party, looking to cause some festive mayhem!

sneaking cake

Photo Source: Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen via www.raisehealthyeaters.com

Not a creature was stirring

This tot is all partied out; slumped sweetly and quietly on a parents lap for the duration of the festivities, they’ll remind you that children can be little angels from time to time. Well until they wake up, at least…

Sleeping child santa hat

Photo Source: Mike DeMicco via www.pixoto.com

Countdown King

Countdown King wants to know when the party starts, when Santa will arrive, when Granny is arriving, when it’s home time… the Christmas party’s answer to ‘Are we there yet?’ he’ll be bursting with questions all night long.

Angry child

Photo source: Flickr user Mith Huang via www.popsugar.com

Christmas Costumer

Adorably attired, the Christmas Costumer has the best festive get up- whether they’ve opted for Rudolph, a figgy pudding, a tinselled angel or a little Elsa, they’ll be fawned over throughout the room!

 Baby toddler penguin costume

Photo source: costumeworks.com via http://dogfum.com/

Vanishing Wonder

Turn your back for a second and the Vanishing Wonder will have disappeared for at least the third time throughout the party. Probably curled up in some kind of hidden Village Hall cubby hole or obscure location (have you checked behind the curtains yet??) this child’s ability to vanish in seconds really could rival a magician…

hiding behind curtain

Photo source: via http://imgur.com/gallery/vtpNV via www.momtastic.com

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