Kids Craft Ideas for the Summer Holidays

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Tots to Travel Mums’ favourite kids craft ideas
for cheap and cheerful fun at home!

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As we approach the final stretch of the summer holidays finding ways to entertain the kids can feel like a daily challenge….it’s tempting to find quick fix solutions in the way of expensive days out.  Fear not!
We’ve put our brains together, pooled our favourite ‘at home’ kids craft ideas and activities, and come up with a veritable theme park of cheap and cheerful ways to entertain kids of all ages at home.
All these ideas are kitchen table activities but it’s amazing just how much fun children big and small get out of these simple, quick and easy kids craft ideas. Nothing complicated, and nothing you won’t have easy access to in your kitchen cupboards.
We say: Never underestimate the fun that can be had with a washing up bowl and some some squeezy soap!

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Fun kids craft ideas to do at home:

•    Potions:

Fill 4 empty plastic bottles with water and add to each one a drop of coloured food colouring.
Find a plastic jug, a handful of petals and leaves (careful what you pick!) from the garden and let the magic begin!  Perfect for budding Harry Potters.

•   Washing Up

Put a washing up bowl of water on the kitchen table (placing it on an absorbant towel is a good idea) and then let the kids have some plastic jugs and squeezy bottles with some bubble bath  in (it’s kinder to skin than washing up liquid).  Supply a few spoons and a nail brush or scrubbing brush, a collinder, sieve, some plastic cups, plates…chuck in some dried pasta…anything goes!  And remember whatever the mess, it’s good clean fun!

•    Volcano:

Make a volcano base out of a plastic bottle and newspaper.  You can be as basic or creative as you like with this.  For the eruption: mix 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda and 1 cup of vinegar, mixed with some red and yellow food dye and a drop of washing up liquid for a fabulously frothy volcanic effect.

•    Glitter names:

Use glue to write your childs name in large letters on a piece of paper.  Hand over the glitter and let them tip it all over the paper in whatever manner they please…it can be precise and pattened for the older children or a more freestyle approach for the small ones.  The effect will be great and they’ll be very impressed with the result once excess glitter is shaken off and they see their name in sparkles.  You will most definitely want to do this on a tray to contain some of the glitter…what spills can be vacuumed  up so try to relax!

•    Play dough:

Who doesn’t love play dough…it’s even better when you make it yourself first!

Just mix together….

1 Cup plain flour
1/2 cup of salt
tablespoons of cooking oil
Food colouring
Glitter (optional)
1 cups of boiling water (careful here)

•    Blanket Den

Cushions blankets, towels and sheets are all that’s need to get imaginations firing on all cylinders…is it a hideaway den, a space rocket, a pirate ship or a fort?  Let them decide…

•    Treasure Hunts

Indoors or out, a treasure hunt can be a great way to spend a morning.  Hide some objects around the house and let them rise to the challenge.   Use either a collection of household items that they have to find and give them a list.  You don’t even need to hide these…test their knowledge of where to find a pair of white socks, a wooden spoon, a tin of beans, a pair of pants (for laughs!) a book, the list is endless!  Or if you have a bit more time why not set a riddle to up the brain power required?  For small children hide pebbles in a sand pit – we have some plastic gold coins that we love digging into the sand only to dig up again over and over…constant source of entertainment!

•    Pasta jewellery

A piece of string and some pasta is all that is required to get some threading going. For older children add paint, brushes, glue, glitter, beads and buttons and watch your artisan set to work.

•    Number collages

This one is courtesy of my mum.  Write the numbers 1-10 down the side of a piece of paper.  Provide a pile of buttons, ribbons, sticks, sparkly bits, pasta etc… and have the children stick the appropriate number of each item next to the numbers…they could even go and search out 5 of something for themselves…strategic thinking involved here too…it might be easier to find 10 daisy’s in the garden than 10 matching buttons….? Or sort by colours or just create a pretty collage!

•    Make a Marble run

Send the kids off to collect toilet rolls, plastics bottles, sticks, lego blocks whatever you can to keep the marble going as long as possible!  This one can be as simple or complicated as you (or your children) want to make it.  Goes without saying that small children shouldn’t be given marbles..but you know that!

•     Secret paintings

Use a white wax crayon on white paper then simply paint over to reveal a secret message or drawing! Great for clues in a treasure hunt for some added magic, or simply surprise one another with your creations!

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Tanya Johnson

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