Plan your dream family holiday in six easy steps!

When it comes to planning the perfect family holiday, you’ll find plenty of options out there to choose from, including our fantastic selection of luxurious little-one friendly destinations.

But if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that choice then we’re here to help – we’ve broken down the process into six easy decisions so you can easily narrow down the options and find that dream holiday experience that’s right for you! 

Step One: Choose Your Season

If you’re opting for a winter holiday you have two choices – Winter Snow or Winter Sun!If a magical winter wonderland is more your thing, go for a family friendly ski holiday. Even if hitting the slopes isn’t for you, you’ll find plenty to entertain all ages at our family French alp escapes. 

If escaping the chill and seeking the sun is more what you had in mind, choose one of our great family destinations that benefits from year round sunshine. The Canary Islands is always a hit with winter sun seekers and welcomes holidaying families. Winter sun can be a great way to enjoy a warm and sunny holiday without becoming caught up in the crowds.

Summer is by far the busiest time to book a family holiday, so choose your accommodation well in advance! Summer holidays are the best times to enjoy beach getaways or rural retreats, to make the most of the great weather.

Do keep in mind that some destinations can get very hot during the summer months, so if you suspect your little one might suffer in the heat, choose a destination that offers a cooling sea breeze or milder temperatures during the summer months. Don’t forget to pack plenty of suncream!

Autumn is the perfect time to bag a brilliant holiday deal – if you’re not tied down by school terms, choosing to holiday at this time often means you’ll have more accommodation options to choose from at cheaper prices, and if you pick the right destination you can still enjoy warm and sunny weather! 

If a spring break would suit you best then consider destinations that have consistently have warm weather or that start to warm up more quickly than some of the other countries in Europe. If you fancy a quick break in between school terms, a UK family holiday can work well.

Step Two: Choose Your Holiday Type

Beach holidays are best for keeping things simple – relaxing by the sand and sea! Choose to enjoy peace and privacy in a secluded private villa or make new friends and find onsite facilities at your fingertips at a resort.

Adventurous families will enjoy a snowy ski break. Expect lots of activities to choose from, excellent childcare, scrummy food and a social experience by staying in a shared chalet. Time of year is really important to take into consideration. Time of year is important to consider before you book.

If countryside walks, drinks by the fireside, visiting local markets and exploring the great outdoors are more your kind of thing, a rural retreat could be the perfect option for your family. Choose from either private villas or villas as part of a shared community for a more social experience.

Step Three: Choose Your Travel Type

Planes will help you get to your dream holiday destination in super speedy time. All of our destinations are served by short haul flights and have short transfer times, so you can get your holiday off to wonderful start asap! Check out our baby flight guide here.

If flying isn’t for you but you’re still keen to head overseas, consider catching the ferry to France. You can check out our complete guide to embarking on ferry journeys with children HERE.

Did someone say roadtrip?! Driving to your dream destination can take a while, but with the right preparation it can be a great option for families – you can find more tips here. If you don’t fancy travelling too far, consider a family friendly UK stay for an easy getaway.

Step Four: Choose Your Child's Age

In some ways, holidaying with a little baby can widen your holiday options – as long as baby has got mum and dad nearby and a place to sleep quietly, they’ll be happy! It also means you can consider one bed hotel rooms which becomes more difficult as children get older.

For the perfect toddler holiday, choose somewhere with plenty of play and things to do! You’ll also need to be a bit more safety conscious as even wobbly walkers can escape and cause mayhem very easily, so be sure to opt for super safe holiday accommodation.

By this stage, your tot will start to be forming some major opinions – so listen to what they have to say! It can be a good plan to choose somewhere that tots can make new friends, such as a destination with a Kids’ Club or playground – so you can have a few precious moments of peace and quiet.

If you’re holidaying with children of multiple ages, keep in mind that you’ll need a variety of facilities and activities to hand in order to keep everyone happy! Try to pick somewhere that offers plenty of options to suit all ages, keeping squabbles or tantrums to a minimum.

Step Five: Choose Your Accommodation

A smaller size of accommodation can usually comfortably sleep 3-4 guests. This option is best suited to smaller families or families with young children that can all share a cosier space together. Resort holidays often offer some fantastic 1-2 bed options.

A medium size of accommodation can usually comfortably sleep 6-8 guests. This is a good option for slightly larger families, families holidaying with grandparents or families who would just like a bit more space. Consider booking a private villa or staying in a private villa that’s based on a resort.

Large parties can consider booking two properties on the same site together, or opting for a mega-sized holiday villa that has plenty of room for all! We have a great selection of large French chateaux, suitable for holiday guests of all ages and tastes.

Step Six: Choose Your Holiday Vibe

If your little one likes to make new friends or you enjoy chatting with other holidaying families by the pool, opt for a resort or a cluster holiday. Here you can have both the freedom to do your own thing and the chance to let your social butterfly shine with new pals!

If you’ve had enough of all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consider opting for a serene family villa. Here you can let your little ones play safely whilst you get some well-deserved rest – well at least until you’re dragged into the pool to join in with the fun!

If you’re more of a just-can’t-sit-still kind of family, make sure you choose somewhere that has plenty of things to do. Opt for a stay near a bustling town or choose a private villa that still has great family activities within easy reach. Resorts often also have fun activity programs for young and old alike.

If you’re after luxury perks like a concierge service, spa treatments or added extras then consider one of our fabulous luxury family resorts. Here you can expect premier service AND plenty of kid-friendly features for your tots. Who says you can’t have it all?!

Fed up of cooking yet another dish for little picky eaters? We’ve all been there! Opt for an all-inclusive holiday with family friendly dining options so you can feed everyone, fuss-free. 

If you really are after the ultimate family holiday experience, check out our brand new Tots Exclusive Experience collection, a unique range of destinations that have been designed with families in mind from start to finish, and offer special child friendly features to take your family holiday up to a whole new level!

Now tell us about your dream destination!

Our holiday experts are always on hand to help you plan the perfect holiday! If you’re struggling to find the right destination for your family, fill out the following form so you can simply tell our experts all about your wants and needs and let them help you to start creating that dream family getaway…

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Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson

Tanya Johnson is the Marketing Manager at Tots to Travel, mum of one, big fan of family adventures, the great outdoors, sport and fitness.

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