Real Dad Review: Philip & Family Visit Hillside


Real dad Philip plus his wife and two kids, Bella and Patrick, visited our Turkish resort of Hillside, staying in our Family Suite with Terrace, for a week earlier this year- read on to hear what they thought of it!

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About the resort

Why did you decide to choose Hillside for your holiday?

We personally spoke to Rob and Wendy, who recommended it. My wife is very hard working and was studying for an MBA at work at the time, so we just wanted somewhere we could go for a complete rest.

We usually opt for self-catering, but this time we decided we wanted a total break, which is why we picked to stay at a resort.

How old were your children when you holidayed at Hillside?

Our two children were aged 5 years old, and 8 years old when we went on the holiday. They’ve both had birthdays since.

Was the resort easy to travel to?

The resort was very easy to get to. I found it easy to book flights online, and we flew early in

the morning from Birmingham airport, which we had no trouble reaching or parking at. When we arrived in Turkey, a courtesy car was waiting at the airport (this was part of the booking deal) which got us to the resort without any problems.

How did you find the rooms?

The rooms were really nice- exceptionally clean and comfortable. At first my wife was a bit concerned about our children sleeping in the separate room off of the terrace, however we had no problems at all and the set up actually worked really well for us!

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Family facilities

Did you use the Hillside Kids Club?

Yes we used the Kids Club 3 or 4 times during the week, the first time being a couple of days in to the holiday. It was perfect for us, because it meant that my wife and I could have a bit of time to ourselves- we really enjoyed visiting the adult only beach.

The kids absolutely loved the Club, especially my eldest who got to have a go at activities like sailing and kayaking! The staff were really great, very caring.

What did your children enjoy most about the holiday?

Our children absolutely adored the pool. They also made loads of new friends with all the other children who were staying, so had great fun going around in little groups.

Did you and your wife have a go at any of the resort’s activities for adults?

We had a go at kayaking which was lovely, but mostly we ran out of time! The week went so quickly. The real aim of the holiday was to let us unwind however, so whilst our children were at the kids clubs in the mornings, my wife and I just relaxed in the room or visited the adults’ only Silent Beach, which was great. We would then spend the afternoons around the pool with the children.

How did you find the pools and beaches?

The pool was very clean and a fantastic temperature; our kids loved it, it was really really nice. The sea was beautiful too- I grew up swimming in the Mediterranean so I love the beach- but we spent most of the time by the pool, as the pool area was much quieter- and closer to the bar ha ha!

The kids also enjoyed the beach and swimming to various floating platforms in the water. They didn’t like the fish much however- they’d never experienced swimming with wild fish before!

Did you use the spa?

No, we’d planned to, but again ran out of time. One would like to have had time to use it, but there was just so much going on. Next time we visit we are planning to stay longer and hope to use it then.

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Service and food

How was the hotel service at Hillside?

The hotel service was faultless. The rooms were cleaned regularly and new towels could be requested whenever required. They even made animal towel sculptures on the beds which the kids loved! They staff were really friendly also.

Did you enjoy the food? What was it like?

The food was just incredible! Name it, and they had it. There were lots of delicious options of all types of cuisine, and the kids were really adventurous with trying things and even went up on their own to choose their own food later in the holiday.

Was there a kids menu? How was it?

Yes there was a good kids menu with the usual chicken nuggets/pizza type things, but our children mostly preferred to eat the same things as us, because there were so many options!


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The holiday experience

What was the highlight of your Hillside holiday?

Everything! The way it all gelled together, the relaxation, the food, the pool, the cleanliness, the service, everything. In the evenings we really enjoyed the entertainment put on by the excellent staff, and they did a great kids show at the weekend.

Do you think the description of Hillside on the Tots website matched up with the reality?

Yes it did- the holiday was just fantastic. Rob Shand, Tots to Travel Founder, had been to Hillside himself and he recommended it, I can see why. It was a very good recommendation, and he gave us some useful inside information. He didn’t spoil it though which was good, it was nice to have so many pleasant surprises!

Would you change anything about your holiday at Hillside?

No not really! I would’ve done a few more activities- some were quite expensive, but there were several that were definitely worthwhile. I also would’ve stayed for longer!

Would you recommend Hillside resort? Who to?

Definitely, to friends and family. I already have in fact. I would say the resort is definitely best suited to families with younger children, through to the age of about 16/17 years old. There is so much going on for little ones with activities and the Kids Club, but older teenagers might not have enough to do.

Would you consider going back to Hillside?

Absolutely, we’re actually already looking to re-book for next year! The resort was full of people who’d visited several times before. One couple we met had been 10 times!! There are also perks to re-booking, as there is a discount on booking the activities, which increases each time you return.

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A big thank you to Philip for telling us all about his stay- it’s really useful to know what take our families have on our locations!

If you’d like to share your holiday experience too, please do get it in touch.

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