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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s nothing we like more than receiving reviews from real parents who have loved their Tots holiday, having had the chance to relax, unwind and spend quality time together. It honestly does make all our hard work and efforts worthwhile.

Which is why we were so thrilled to receive the following review from one of our lovely customers; Alison White and her family.

They recently stayed at Berry Farm in Southern Brittany, France.  Once a working fruit farm, it has been beautifully converted into six charming, rustic cottages, which have been freshly decorated and contain everything you could possibly ever want or need when holidaying with little ones.

Here’s what Alison had to say about it…

Tots To Travel Saved The (Holi)day…

Remember arriving on holiday before kids? When it was just two of you and all that was involved was throwing your suitcase on the bed and getting to the beach in time for sundowners? Well, add a baby and a toddler to the mix and it can be a whole different ball-game.

On a recent trip to Rome, with no less than eight different items of luggage having flown in with us, the first hour in our apartment was a flurry of locating all the things we needed for bedtime, erecting our own travel cots and trying to decide which room in a noisy city centre would have the least risk of disturbing our light sleeper. All while our little ones, sensing our backs were turned, set about rearranging anything that wasn’t nailed down before emptying a glass of red wine over the host’s brand new white dining table seats. Hardly a relaxing start to our first break away with two in tow.   

Our next trip needed to be different, and much more like the old days of arriving on holiday and, well, just getting on with enjoying yourself. That’s where Tots to Travel saved the (holi)day.

Caterer Will Deliver a Three Course Meal

Arrival at Bramble, our holiday gîte in southern Brittany, was a much smoother experience. The kids delved straight into the toy boxes, leaving us free to assess the sleeping arrangements. This took no time at all as the cots were ready and waiting, a nightlight was on-hand and there were even some books ready for bedtime. PJs out, and we were pretty much set for the night. The host had even delivered a bag of shopping for us as requested, meaning no late night drive to the supermarket for bedtime milk was required. The best bit though – through Tots you can contact a caterer who will deliver a three-course meal to be ready and waiting for you in the fridge when you arrive. In our case we got there three hours later than expected, which would not have given us time to go out for dinner or to prepare a meal – both unappealing options anyway with two exhausted little ones. It was ideal having control over when we ate, and once the children were tucked up in bed we enjoyed a relaxed restaurant-quality meal when it suited us.   

The Proximity of the Countryside was a Highlight

The beauty of our holiday property was the ease in which the kids could be entertained. Our two-year-old daughter Cara made a beeline for the swing set as soon as we let them both loose on the central courtyard. Nearly all the properties face this area, which allows for a safe place to meet and play with other children while parents can – in theory – look on with a glass of wine in hand when not required to push a swing or watch a cool stunt being performed on the monkey bars.   

We couldn’t resist getting involved though when it came to the covered play barn. We pushed Cara and her 13-month-old brother Vincent on the various ride-on toys around the barn’s race track, and yes, it was toss up as to who had the most fun. The witching hour is still alive and kicking in our family so it was great to decamp to the play barn each night after dinner to ward off any teatime tetchiness.   

The property connects directly with the forest tracks which made it convenient for impromptu walks. We borrowed a outdoorsy buggy from our hosts which mowed over the uneven terrain like a tank, but still provided a comfy ride for our snoozing son. The proximity and natural beauty of the countryside were a highlight for us, but also within a short drive were a range of family-friendly activities. We spent a lazy day exploring the attractive walled town of Vannes which had a surprising amount to see, including a harbour and picturesque public gardens. The shopping selection was excellent. Even the children were catered for, with an array of colourful toy shops and baby clothes retailers dotted along the medieval streets.   

We Managed a Two-Course Lunch In Peace

As a family that has all but given up on eating out due to the difficulties of keeping toddlers entertained and avoiding the wrath of other diners, we were amazed we managed a two-course lunch in peace. We found a little al fresco spot in a quiet square where we could keep an eye on Cara as she played while we tucked into moules frites. Slightly further afield was a beautiful coastline ideal for clifftop walks – next time we’ll pack the baby backpack and really explore the winding paths.   

At the end of each day it was bliss to come home and find another three-course meal waiting for us. Since I’ve been home every trip to the fridge has been a little sad as I yearn for a cooked meal to magically appear there. Our children are probably thinking along similar lines and eying up whether our backyard could be transformed into their beloved race track…

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Wendy Shand
Wendy Shand

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