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Every now and then we receive feedback about one of our holiday resorts that makes us smile from ear to ear. When this happens we like to share it with everyone so you can see how amazing your family holidays could be by booking through us – a company that genuinely puts safety, families and fun at the heart of everything we do.

When we received this review from the lovely Laura from popular blog The Breastest News we knew we had to share it with you.

About Me

I’m a twenty something tea guzzling part-time working mummy to Logan and toddler Harlow. I currently work a couple of days a week as a Personal Assistant for a large corporate financial company who specialise in banking. I chose to reduce my working hours after the birth of my daughter in 2015 to better fulfill the needs of my family. My son was diagnosed with autism in 2013 and needs lots of support and guidance. Logan, Harlow and I live with Daddy and our two dogs in Fife, Scotland. We have a Leopard Gecko too btw. I’m currently passionate about breastfeeding, autism and family travel, having booked no less than 9 family holidays in 2016! Here’s hoping 2017 is as bountiful.

My family love a break away from the front door. It could be anything from a theme park trip, camping experience or a week abroad in the sun. Everyone’s happy just to get away and experience something different. Whilst trawling the web for deals in January I happened to come across a fabulous offer for a trip to Majorca, staying at what looked like an amazing hotel – the Viva Zafiro in Alcudia.

Price offered by Tots to Travel was too good

The price offered by the Tots to Travel team was too good to pass up but I made sure and checked out online reviews etc before I booked. I even did a quick comparison with other companies to make sure I was getting the best I possibly could and I was. Do you know it was cheaper to book the hotel with Tots to Travel, then book separate flights, then a separate transfer than it was to have a package. Just shows you it’s worth checking out different options.

It’s worth noting that I booked us up for a week’s stay in May as this was a lot cheaper than what I would have had to pay for the 5* accommodation had I booked for July/August due to the school holidays. My son would still be in school at the time but I decided he would get a lot more benefit out of this holiday than a few missed days of school so decided to go for it. Also the weather in May looked promising, not too hot but not 12 degrees either.

The room looked fab

The Viva Zafiro has a number of different rooms to choose from and I picked the Junior Penthouse Suite for us. From the online photos the room looked fab and I wasn’t disappointed. The room is huge and has a massive bed which could literally fit all of us in. There was a sofa bed which my son used, it just pulled out from underneath, and I asked for a cot for my 2 year old. She can sleep in a bed fine but in the cot it stops her climbing over me and I know she can’t fall out. The bathroom is directly behind the bed partitioned by a wall. There’s his and hers sinks and the toilet and bathroom are separate behind closed doors. There is a huge deep bath for the kids too so all avenues covered. The Penthouse Suites have their very own terraced rooftop as well which has a lovely Jacuzzi. The best thing is it’s all for you and no one else. Happy days.

It’s all done for you!

The good thing about booking with Tots to Travel means you can have baby and children’s items in your hotel room waiting for you when you arrive. You simply tick a big list of stuff on the Tots to Travel website after your booking and it’s all done for you. I ticked things like a cot, toilet seat, cutlery, stepping stool, toys etc and mostly everything was there when we arrived. The only thing the hotel couldn’t provide was toys due to hygiene reasons sadly. You can ask for bottle sterilisers and highchairs as well as other options.

Travelling to Majorca with the kids is a breeze since it’s such a short flight of just 2.5hrs from Edinburgh and even shorter if you’re travelling from England. The only thing which was a slight pain is that Alcudia is on the other side of the island to Palma where your plane lands so the transfer time to the Viva Zafiro hotel can take about an hour and a half depending on what drops off the bus driver has to make. You can of course book a private transfer but it’ll cost you more. I didn’t mind the bus too much however my daughter is like an octopus so next time I’ll get a private transfer for quickness.

Grounds were clean and litter free

The hotel grounds themselves seem massive when you arrive. There’s so much to take it and process but I was very pleased with everything. The grounds were kept clean and litter free every day we were there and you’ve got plenty of staff on hand from lifeguards, waiting staff, handy men and maids to help if you ever need anything. You’re not short on your choice of pools either with 6 different ones to choose from. We tended to stick with two which were the big kids pool full of slides and water features which was only mid-thigh deep so easy for kids to walk around in. And the bouncy pillow pool as my son liked to call it. Basically a giant bouncy pillow in the pool which the kids could climb up and slide off. The reception staff are 100% amazing too and can’t help you enough with anything you so desire and can I just say everyone that we talked to who worked at the hotel were amazing with the kids.

Like I mentioned the resort is big but you get used to it very quickly and it’s great for pushing a buggy around to get your wee one to sleep. Myself and loads of other parents and grandparents were doing this with their babies. There’s a big play park which is next to the kids club so really handy. Plus there’s a bouncy castle and a trampoline there as well. There’s a few restaurants onsite however we never ventured from the buffet as it had everything and the kids could eat instantly. The food really was first class and they even had a kid’s selection in case they weren’t partial to lobster or veal.

It’s fantastic

The hotel is literally a 2 minute walk from the beach front. You can go out a back gate at the hotel and walk through a little car park and you’re at the shops and can see the beach. It’s fantastic. There’s lots of little restaurants in case you fancy lunch out but the bar at the hotel is reasonably priced so we stayed in a couple of days. I had booked a half board option for us as I wasn’t sure if the kids would eat a big lunch with the kids and I’m glad I did. My daughter fell asleep almost every lunch time as she was exhausted from the fun of playing in the pool and my son would happily eat some pizza and chips which didn’t cost much at all. Usually the other half and I weren’t even hungry after a massive breakfast so would have a quick snack and wait for dinner.

It honestly was a brilliant family friendly holiday for us and a week at the Viva Zafiro was exactly what we all needed to relax and recharge the batteries. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone looking for a stress free family trip. I’m already looking to book up again for next year as I know the kids will love it.

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Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson

Tanya Johnson is the Marketing Manager at Tots to Travel, mum of one, big fan of family adventures, the great outdoors, sport and fitness.

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