Ski Tips: How old should my children be before I take them skiing?

You may think that you need to wait until your kids are older before you embark on a ski holiday, but with the right preparation and destination, it can be a great option for families with children of all ages.

We’ve answered some of your main ski family holiday concerns in our ski tips below, but if you have any more questions then get in touch with our family holiday experts who can help you decide whether a ski holiday is right for your family.


I have young babies/toddlers who are too young to ski. Will there be things for them to do? Can we still spend time together as a family?

There are plenty of things for very young children to do during a ski holiday, so they’re sure to have a great time too. From ice skating to sledding to snow man building to swimming pools, cinemas and more, ski resorts have loads of non-ski activities for all ages to take part in, perfect for when you want to spend some non-ski quality time together as a family. You can learn more about these in our family fun for non-skiers blog here!

Many resorts also offer children’s clubs, including our family friendly ski destinations which all have access to a ‘Mini Marmots’ childcare service which runs loads of fun piste-side activities including snow painting, igloo building, picnics and more. This is a great option for little ones who don’t want to miss out on the fun and it’s also run by fully qualified English speaking childcare assistants – leaving parents free to get as ‘piste’ as they like elsewhere (winky face).



Ski Tips: How old do children need to be in order to take part in ski lessons?

Family friendly ski destinations will normally accept children from ages three upwards into ski lessons. Some ski resorts, such as those on our site, also provide adjusted start lessons for younger children, which are shorter and specifically catered to very little ones to make sure they enjoy themselves and don’t feel too overwhelmed!


Ski Tips: What if my child doesn’t like the ski lessons? 

If your child is confident, fairly coordinated and is happy to listen and follow instructions from others, they will probably be fine – but every child is different.

Listen to what your child is telling you. A ski holiday places your little one in a very unfamiliar environment and it can be difficult for children to adjust to the new surroundings. If possible try to ensure you have booked ski lessons with an English-speaking instructor and some resorts even let childminders stay with young children whilst the lessons take place, to help them feel comfortable and safe. If your child is really unhappy, experienced childcare assistants will be on hand at all times and will be able to take your child back into in-chalet childcare.


Ski Tips: Is it safe for young children to be up in the mountains?

In most cases altitude shouldn’t be a problem for your family holiday, but if you’re planning to visit a very high resort and you have children under 12 months old, it can be a good idea to just check with a doctor first, especially if your child has a history of respiratory problems.

High altitude can disrupt sleep patterns in young children but it’s very uncommon for children to develop altitude sickness during ski trips, especially when holidaying at the lower heights of European resorts. If your child does develop altitude sickness, this will often pass within a few days once they have adjusted.

Do remember that when you’re at higher altitudes you are closer to the sun, so apply lots of sun cream!


I’m worried that there are too many things I’ll need to pack. Is it possible to pack light for a ski holiday?

The reality is for a family ski holiday, you’re going to need to pack a lot – adult ski wear alone takes up a lot of space. Fortunately, we have a solution!

The family friendly ski resorts on our website all include chalets that are fully equipped with all the key things that families will need for their holiday including sterilisers, travel cots and lots more, thanks to our Essential Kit Guarantee.

For tips on what to pack for a family ski holiday, check out our family ski packing tips, here! 


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