Family Ski FAQs: Top Tips for Avoiding Family Ski Holiday Catastrophes

If someone asked you what the most common ski holiday catastrophe is, you might be tempted to say some kind of injury… but you’d be wrong!

In actual fact, most ski-related calamities are simply little, easily avoidable problems – but it’s these small and stressful situations that make the difference between an average holiday and a wonderful one.

Check out our top tips for avoiding family ski holiday catastrophes…

Be Slope Savvy

Unsurprisingly the most common place that people lose their belongings on a ski holiday is the slopes- so what can you do to prevent this?

  • Buy clothing with strong pockets
  • Only take valuable gadgets if you really need them
  • Persuade tots to leave precious toys in the chalet
  • Choose gloves that are attached 
  • Leave as much as you can in the chalet 

Avoid Ski Lift Selfies

Picture the scene – you’re on the ski lift, the view is beautiful but it’s bitterly cold, you’re shivering and rushing to take a photo of the stunning scenery/ your own rosy cheeks and then woosh…phone is gone. 

It’s so easy to drop to a camera/phone by taking ski lift photos, but almost impossible to retrieve them again, which can put a real dampener on your trip! Be sensible about when you choose to use your gadgets and if possible invest in those that you can attach to yourself, like a Go-Pro.

Check Your Surroundings 

When you back come in to the warm from the chilly outdoors you’ll have lots of layers to remove, so once you’ve taken all these off and put them down somewhere it can be very easy to forget things when you’re ready to leave again.

As a result, thoroughly check under tables and around where your family have been sitting in cafes, bars and restaurants before you leave, to make sure you haven’t forgotten any stray gloves or other belongings.

Be Aware 

It’s easy to get distracted as you watch your little ones jump and play around in the snow, or as a super-cool pro snowboarder comes rocketing past- but remember that you should always be aware of your surroundings and make sure you don’t drop anything or get in the way of other skiiers in all of the excitement!

Don’t End Up Feeling Piste-Off!

If you decide to ski off-piste and drop something on your travels, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever find it again!

If you know you’re not going to be skiing on a set route then leave your valuables at home, as it’s virtually impossible to retrace your steps exactly.

Control Your Chalet 

It can be easy to forget belongings/pieces of ski gear by leaving them in your ski chalet, particularly if it’s a shared chalet. Often guests just put things down when they come in from the slopes, forgetting where they’ve left them or mixing them up with other people’s gear when it’s time to leave.

Keep track of where you’re leaving your stuff so that it is easier to collect it up when it’s time to pack, and make sure you’ve double checked all of the drawers and cupboards before you go.

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Olivia Frost

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