Top Family Friendly Getaways in Spain


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Child-Friendly Escapes in Spain for Maximum Family Fun!

Whilst we all have a different idea of the perfect holiday destination, Mums and Dads have one thing in common when it comes to looking for a dream holiday, be it in Spain, or any other holiday location.

We all need a destination that we can really rely on being genuinely family friendly – safe for our babies and kids, properly equipped and fun!

And that’s exactly what you get when choosing a Tots To Travel property.

Whatever your idea of the perfect holiday destination, be it a rustic retreat, a glitzy villa or an apartment on the beach, our family friendly assurances come as standard and we apply the same rigorous inspection and standards across our entire portfolio.  You won’t find this level of such highly curated family friendly holiday properties anywhere else.

All of our properties in Spain have received this special attention, meaning they are just perfect for families with babies, toddlers and kids who fancy some fun in the sun!

All of our properties also come equipped with the Tots Essential Kit Guarantee, meaning all the little things you’ll need for a baby and toddler friendly holiday are already in place. From sterilisers to blackout blinds, our fully equipped properties mean that you won’t have to worry about trying to pack and organise everything- saving you a great deal of stress!

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 spain casa de la muralla
spain la finca

Casa Medina Sol 3 pic collage

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For more family friendly properties in Spain click HERE or to have a look at our other fabulous destinations visit!

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Visit to see what baby and toddler friendly options we can offer your family!

Tots to Travel offer baby friendly holidays and child friendly holidays both in the UK and abroad. Our range includes child friendly villas, including perfect villas for kids, baby friendly cottages, baby friendly villas and more…

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Wendy Johnson
Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson is the Social Media Manager at Tots to Travel, Mum of 2, lover of France & Greece, talented knitter and loves any kind of crafting with her girls.

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