Top Holiday Picks For Preschoolers

Make the most of your precious holiday time with your preschooler!


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The preschool years are a perfect time to travel with children. Firstly, you can take advantage of your final year or two of low-season travel before you become beholden to school holidays, making this an unmissable opportunity to enjoy an extra special trip together.
Secondly, they’ll need less kit than they did as a baby, and will be growing more adaptable than they were as a toddler. Yet they will still embrace every adventure with infectious enthusiasm – preschoolers are not yet Too Cool for School. Nevertheless, to get the most out of your holiday, you will need to plan around your preschoolers needs – once they are happy, you can relax too.

What we do to make the holiday magic happen

  • Pool safety. Most preschoolers love the water, and choosing a destination with ready access to a pool is a fabulous opportunity for them to have fun and to develop their water confidence. But they are still far too young to be near water unsupervised, which is why all of our properties have physical pool barriers. No exceptions.
  • Playing. All of our properties have a great selection of toys, games and books for indoor and outdoor fun. Many will also have indoor playbarns and outdoor play equipment, along with sandpits, splash pools and even animals to feed. Tell us what your preschooler most enjoys and we can help you to find their dream destination.
  • Friends. By this age, many children will start to appreciate having friends around them. One of our small gite clusters could be perfect for your family, combining privacy with ready-made playmates for your preschooler and thus more opportunities for you to lie back and relax. Or choose one of our resorts that have been carefully selected for the quality of their childcare and kids’ clubs.
  • Relaxing. Look for extra services such as trusted babysitting, in-villa dining and pamper packages to enjoy some well-deserved “me time”.

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Top Holiday Picks For Preschoolers

Here are just a few hand-picked properties that are perfect for preschoolers. Find more here.

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