Travel after kids: 9 changes that every parent can relate to!


Remember those days when you could grab a small hand luggage bag, throw a few bikinis in it and jet off to a boutique hotel on a whim? Yeah, seems a looong time ago now doesn’t it…

Holidays with kids are definitely very different to holidays you had before, but are no less fun- so do you recognise any of these changes??


Packing for your holiday

Without Kids: You can either get by with a small hand luggage suitcase or choose to bring a different evening dress and set of heels for each day, 10 bikinis, 8 sarongs and 6 handbags

With Kids: You feel like there are not enough suitcases in the world to bring all your baby stuff and seriously question whether your bag might just be 90% baby wipes

Solution: When you book a Tots holiday you will get to make the most of our full Essential Kit Guarantee (20+ key baby and toddler items at every property) meaning you can pack less!

holidays with kids- luggage

At the airport

Without Kids: You casually check out the Vodka offers in the duty-free, perhaps buy some new mascara, browse the books in Smiths before you saunter down to the gate…

With Kids:Where’s Charlie gone??’ ‘What time do we need to be at the gate?’ ‘Please God let that be a soft play area!’ ‘Don’t eat that, it’s plastic!’ ‘But you’ve just been to the toilet…’

Solution: Take a look at our list of the top child-friendly airports in the UK

holidays with kids- airport

On the plane

Without Kids: You watch a movie, order some peanuts and perhaps a cheeky G+T, have a snooze…

With Kids: You develop contortionist-like abilities whilst changing nappies in the toilet and spend the rest of the trip collecting discarded socks, cleaning up knocked-over drinks bottles and desperately hoping that your child won’t be the one who starts screaming blue murder

Solution: Read our tips and advice for flying with babies

holidays with kids- plane

Upon arrival

Without Kids: You slowly unpack, have a refreshing shower, perhaps grab a cocktail and chill by the pool for a bit…

With Kids:  You require another 6 arms to help you juggle a toddler who’s throwing stuff out of the suitcase, a screaming baby who desperately needs a nap and a bewildered husband who can’t remember where he put his iPhone

Solution: Choose a completely child friendly destination that takes the stress out of arrival. Take a look at our child friendly destinations here.

holidays with kids- siblings

On the beach

Without Kids: You relax on the sunbeds, do a bit of reading, get a bit of a tan, go for a quick dip in the sea…

With Kids: You try to scrape about 14 layers of sun cream off your hands as you load Peppa Pig up on your tablet, whilst your toddler shows you the crab he’s just found and the sand he’s just put in the juice flask

Solution: These properties all have great nearby family beaches, with plenty of family facilities.

holidays with kids- beach

Daily activities

Without Kids: You casually think about what to do over breakfast, before meandering into the local area to see some sights…

With Kids: You only dare embark on a carefully organised outing, fully equipped with baby essentials, knowledge of local changing facilities and the number for the nearest healthcare centre

Solution: Give yourself a break and have a day to yourself by staying somewhere that has an excellent Kids’ Club

holidays with kids- day trip

Dinner time

Without Kids: You slip into a stunning evening gown and head out to try fancy local cuisine and enjoy a bottle of red as the sun goes down…

With Kids: You now know how to say ‘chicken nuggets’ in six different languages, and end up visiting the same yellow wall-papered, child menu-equipped restaurant all week

Solution: Read our blog on eating out with young children so you can feel brave enough to branch out to other restaurants

holidays with kids- eating

Going home

Without Kids: You glumly spend half an hour re-packing your case, before grabbing a coffee and heading off to catch your plane in plenty of time

With Kids: You spend around 4 hours trying to re-pack just your handbag, before shooing your exhausted and slightly peeling little ones into a taxi to the airport

Solution: Read our family advice checklist for leaving your holiday destination in a stress-free manner

holidays with kids- packing

The end of the holiday

Without Kids: You sadly return to normality and try and come to terms with getting up for work again

With Kids: You return home full of happy family holiday memories and content in the knowledge you’ll still be spending time with your most treasured little people!

Solution: You don’t need one! You’ve got a perfect happy family and perfect family holiday memories to go with them.

holidays with kids- sunset


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