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If your child has started school, it probably won’t be long (if they haven’t already!) until they ask to have a sleepover party for their friends. It’s a great way for them to socialise independently, yet still under watchful eyes; but the real crux of the matter is- will you be remembered as ‘the cool mum’??

If you’ve got to entertain a gaggle of giggling girls or group of boisterous boys- all of whom you know will go home and tell their parents everything (agh!)- don’t fear; here are some top tricks!

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Keep numbers low

How many manic children does it take to break a parent? 5? 9? 11? Keep the guest list down to small numbers, if you’d prefer to keep your sanity in check.

Keep them in one place

If you value the safety of your curtains and carpets, keep the kids contained. If your child’s room isn’t big enough then go for a playroom or even sitting room at a push! It keeps all the mess in one place and means you can retreat somewhere else to pretend the whole thing isn’t happening, if only for a precious five minutes.

Make said room a nice place to be

Keep the room stocked with lots of DVDs, blankets and things to do, to keep little ones busy. Pick up a couple of cheap blow up beds from the supermarket and bring these out later in the night.

To really pack a punch, turn the whole room into a magical fort. Scatter cushions, cover the room (including the ceiling if you can manage it) in sheets and blankets and hang up strings of fairy lights for a cosy feel that’ll be sure to impress. Another plus is that in the event of spillages, you can just pop all the blankets into the wash.

Have back-up

Keep a few spare blankets, pillows and toothbrushes to hand in case someone forgets something. Also make sure you’ve got the contact numbers for all the other parents, so any little homesick guests can leave if they’d like to.

Top Tip: Set a clear time for guest pick-ups the next morning- the kids will start to get more tired and more grouchy as the day wears on, so send everyone home before the arguments break out.

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Avoid takeaway

Do not, I repeat DO NOT turn to takeaways for dinner. It’ll cost a fortune and you’ll have to deal with fussy eaters, plus fussy parents who are concerned that you’re filling their child with rubbish. Add to that the hyper chaos caused by nasty hidden additives and you’ve got trouble on your hands!

Make life easy

Keep sleepover food healthy and simple by getting some easy to cook light options such as mini pizzas, flat chicken breasts/veggie burgers/ fresh beef patties, loads of salad, veggies, dips, buns, and dressings.

Make sure you also have plenty of healthy snacks in for rumbly tummies- options like popcorn or marshmallows aren’t too unhealthy but still appeal to little food fiends!

Distract the monsters

Beware the doe-eyed trickster, eyeing up the biscuit tin, who claims ‘But Mummy lets me have them at home!’ – have an alternative healthier scrummy snack on hand to distract, in order to avoid the inevitable meltdown that comes with the reply ‘I’m not sure Mummy really does let you have seven chocolate bourbons in one sitting, does she?’

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The Sleepover

Bits and Bobs

Children (and some adults I could name!) have an uncanny ability to lose everything. If you’re picking hordes of kids up straight from school, make them leave everything but their sleepover gear in the car, so you don’t have to spend hours unearthing pencil cases and socks from down the side of the sofa.


Alongside films and technology, have a few back up sleepover activities in case the kids get bored. Get some cheap fluffy tiaras and boas and set up a fun photo booth, let kids decorate their own sleeping masks, build their own pizzas, decorate pillow cases or play with some glow in the dark toys. Be as creative as you dare! Keep in mind the ages of the kids- a group of six year olds are not going to want to do the same things as a group of 10 year olds for example.

 Don’t be embarrassing (or do, for the lols)

Whilst the sleepover is happening, for some unknown reason you cease to be ‘Mum’ and are instead relegated to the position of the super uncool sleepover police. In this instance you have two choices- option one: resign yourself to the demotion, offer assistance and food where required, before slinking off to keep a quiet yet alert ear in the next room. Alternatively, get yourself a marshmallow gun, plus a bumper pack of marshmallows and join the party (WARNING: this is usually the slightly less popular option with your child).

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to kiss your child goodnight unless it’s initiated by them. In front of their friends, parental affection is the ‘lamest thing ever.’  Or so I hear.

 Time to sleep

Want to get some rest? Turn off the Wi-Fi when you go to bed. The little rascals rely on gadgets to keep them busy these days, so once the Wi-Fi’s gone, they’re off to sleep. And who said children don’t have an ‘off’ button? *Evil sniggers*

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In the morning

Something you can bank on- the kids will be up before 7 and will want feeding. NOW. Stock up on mini cereal boxes, orange juice and croissants that you can leave on the table to be ravaged, whilst you blearily turn on the coffee maker. There is a time for making super-mum homemade breakfasts, but it is not this time. Focus on getting them fed!

Have a few films to hand for the morning just in case, or if the weathers nice then turf them all outside, so they’re not hanging around causing trouble before parents arrive. It never ceases to amaze me that at a sleepover they can stay up giggling till 3 and be up and bouncing again at 6, but somehow they find a way!

Top Tip: Just before parents are due to arrive, do an in-depth search of the room, to make sure everyone has got at least most of their stuff. If you need assistance, turn it into a Mary Poppins style cleaning game and get the guests involved!sleepover croissant

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