UK Winter Beach Holidays – Top Tips for Chilly Trips!

Winter beach holidays at home in the UK can be just as magical as trips abroad – with beautiful surrounding countryside, stunning coastlines and our fantastic range of family friendly UK destinations to pick from, you’re sure to have a brilliant time.

However if you’re worried about battling the elements or that your trip is going to be a washout, we’ve got some top tips for braving the beach with little ones…

Go Treasure Hunting

Whilst paddling and sandcastle building is always popular with little ones, it can leave you all feeling a bit nippy after a while. Consider other fun beach activities such as beachcombing, where you can wander the sands looking for treasures such as sea glass and fossils. In fact, the UK’s Jurassic Coastline is one of the best places in the world to find some fantastic fossils, and you can keep warm and distract little fidgets by strolling about. Make sure you keep an eye on your tots whilst you beachcomb, to prevent them from picking up anything they shouldn’t!

Don’t forget about Sustenance¬†

A chilly trip to the beach means you need the right kind of supplies – opt for dry snacks like biscuits or rice cakes rather than wet snacks like cucumber or banana, which can end up getting all sticky and sandy. The odd ice cream won’t go amiss (yes, even in winter!) and of course traditional fish and chips always goes down a treat, particularly if you need to warm up a bit. A thermos flask with some tea for mum and dad is also essential.

Wrap Up

This is an obvious one, but it can really ruin your holiday if you don’t dress everyone up warmly enough! Waterproof boots and coats are essential, as are lots of spare clothes in case anybody gets wet. Opt for windproof jackets, hats, scarves and gloves, extra pairs of socks and even thermal tops too. It can also be a good idea to visit a beach which has a good beach cafe nearby, so you have somewhere warm and cosy to retire to if need be.

Don’t be put off by the weather!

In the UK there is as much chance that you’ll get rained on during the summer as you will in the winter – and since when have us Brits ever let a shower stand in our way? As long as you’re suitably kitted out with waterproofs it can still be a wonderful adventure to explore stunning and deserted beaches in the rain, or to watch the wild waves (from a safe distance!) and you might actually see some cool wildlife like seals or crabs which have come out to explore. The weather forecast is often wrong and the rain might ease up anyway, so it’s worth a shot – some invigorating fresh air can be really refreshing after a winter spent bundled up with central heating.

Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson

Tanya Johnson is the Marketing Manager at Tots to Travel, mum of one, big fan of family adventures, the great outdoors, sport and fitness.

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