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Fabulous award-winning mummy blogger Sarah Turner has become a figurehead for parents everywhere, thanks to her honest and frank accounts of what it’s really like to have little ones..

Author of both the hugely popular Unmumsy Mum blog and a Sunday Times No.1 bestseller ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ book, Sarah also wrote an article for the Telegraph last year suggesting that, since having children, she felt that relaxing holidays were a thing of the past.  So, naturally, we decided to send her off on a Tots holiday to see if our extra touches could create the blissful and stress-free family holiday that she was in search of…

Happily, The Unmumsy Mum and her family were game and they picked to spend a week at Penny’s Place, our beautiful Charentaise 3 bedroom farmhouse with private pool, enclosed gardens, full toddler kit and of course, qualified Norland Nanny Penny who lives just next door!


You can read all about The Unmumsy Mum’s honest opinion of family holiday at Penny’s Place in her review for the Telegraph HERE!

In the article, The Unmumsy Mum talks all about the reasons that had initially put her off booking a family holiday abroad- from the lack of genuinely family friendly holiday options, to kids acting up on the plane, to concerns about leaving them in childcare…

“Previous years’ browsing (and some UK experience) has taught me that “family-friendly” often means little more than children being tolerated, accommodated as an afterthought with a fold-out bed, and an evening entertainer who’s not afraid to wheel out The Birdie Song…”

“Teamed with the fact that I’m generally quite nervous about leaving my children with anybody I haven’t had vetted by MI5, I feared I would be camped outside the kids’ club, worrying that I could hear them whingeing  – and worrying some more if I couldn’t – and that didn’t sound like a relaxing break…”

However here at Tots, we’ve listened to the pains of holidaying families, and have done everything we can to help alleviate these kind of issues, so that parents can enjoy the relaxing holiday that they deserve!  From our unique Essential Kit Guarantee, to our private pool protection policy, to our hand-selected, inspected, perfected property verification guidelines and more, we aim to provide holidays that are genuinely child friendly and suitable for families.

So what did the Unmumsy Mum make of her Tots holiday?


Writing a piece for The Telegraph about our first family holiday abroad (I know, I know, I’ve definitely had worse jobs, like the summer I worked in a dessert factory putting nutmeg on custard tarts for 12 hours a day). Anyway, so far THIS is making the toddler’s protest-planking at both airports worth it. We’ve been sent to Penny’s Place, a @totstotravel property in France for this ‘assignment’ (tee hee) and so far the thoughtful child-friendly touches have been exceptional. This morning Penny popped in to take Henry with her to feed the chickens 👌☀️✈️👙🕶🏊🏻 #bestworkassignmentever #unmumsyfamilyholiday

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“We spent almost the entire week outside, the four of us enjoying the sunshine in the garden and I have to say that, for the most part, it was absolutely glorious. Lunch al fresco, water fights by the pool, the endless hours the boys spent pottering around in their shorts and T-shirts collecting stones to wash with a watering can before delivering them to the other side of the garden in the back of a toy car…”


“The rural hamlet setting was idyllic and the slower pace of life provided a welcome break from our frantic weekly routines at home; our sole task most days was popping to the market town of Chasseneuil to pick up a baguette, a selection of cheeses and pains au chocolat for the boys…”


“We felt our shoulders relax, we stopped rushing from one place to the next and took the time to let the boys browse things we would usually have dragged them away from because we were on holiday and there was nowhere that we needed to be…”


“Some mornings, Penny would pop round and ask if the boys wanted to go and feed the chickens and, after three days of, “Can we see Penny again, Mummy?” we bit the bullet and took up her offer of an afternoon’s babysitting, which allowed us to sit reading our books, occasionally catching the sound of our boys’ giggles from over the hedge.

Having detected no resulting emotional trauma, we later made use of an evening’s babysitting and, after putting the boys to bed, were driven to a nearby restaurant by Penny’s husband. The opportunity to enjoy a meal without being interrupted by a tantrum over the wrong spoon or a whack on the legs with a lightsaber was one we exploited a little too much; the next morning we found ourselves feeling slightly delicate, chasing two hyperactive boys around the vastly impressive Chateau de La Rochefoucauld…”


“The promise of warm evenings and fits of laughter at the toddler’s attempt to speak French in the Intermarché will be enough to prompt us to head abroad again next year. Our adventure turned out to be not only a relatively painless one (excluding the passport control scene) but also a pretty special week which, on balance, was well worth the faff and effort…”



Read the full article written for the Telegraph by the Unmumsy Mum:  CLICK HERE


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Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner

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